Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Questions That Need an Answer by Sri Nithyananda

Chronological Warfare with Nithyananda's 'Enlightenment'
Nithyananda, you say that you're 'enlightened' and you have deep insights to everything? That you can answer simple worldly questions with no problem? You say, "Yes". I say, "That sounds good. But, I'm from Missouri. I need to be shown." So, Paramahamsa Nithyananda, can you answer some very simple questions about your life? You, Nithyananda, seem very quiet. I promise that these are easy chronological questions because being a self-proclaimed Paramahamsa, you are embedded in the Truth. Are you not? If you only tell the Truth, then it is very easy to answer anything, correct? Sri Nithyananda, did the cat steal your tongue?

OK, readers from New York, Flushing New York, Queens, Bellevue Washington, Seattle Washington, and Montclair, Los Angeles, San Barnardino regions, etc., who still have a chance to meet Nithyananda before he goes back to India in November, could you please ask these simple questions to Sri Nithyananda during the upcoming Kalpataru programs and the International Youth Conference?

1. What was the name of the polytechnic that you, Paramahamsa Nithyananda, claimed to receive a degree with 'Distinction' in?

2. What were the dates (from when to when), you, Sri Nithyananda, attended this polytechnic school? (Hint: it must have been before your wandering.)

3. What year did you, Nithyananda, leave your home and begin wandering?

4. How many years did you, Sri Nithyananda, wander before receiving 'enlightenment'?

(Hint: the year Nithyananda started wandering plus years wandering cannot exceed January 1, 2000, the time Sri Nithyananda claims he was 'enlightened'. For instance, he claims to have left home at age 17 in 1995 to start his 9 years of wandering, but managed to pick up a two-year degree before all this happened, and still received 'enlightenment' just four and a half years later on January 1, 2000. Something just is not right with these calculations. If we count backwards, we subtract 9 years from 2000 = 1991. Then subtract two years to account for the polytechnic degree and we have January 1989. Why, in January 1989, Nithyananda was just 12, and at that time, Nithyananda did not even had his first 'enlightenment' story of seeing 360 degrees (which allegedly happened in May 1989). So, we're missing over five years, but Sri Nithyananda will be sure to tell the Truth, and everything will be just fine as it was before we were started to open our eyes and seek the Truth.)

5. Also, ask Sri Nithyananda when exactly was his biological birthday? We need to know the day, year, and time, just like the information that was given to the astrologers that determined that Sri Nithyananda would be a sanyasi (renunciant monk). There are all kinds of rumors and stories that his birthday is on a different day other than January 1, 1978, and Nithyananda can easily clear this up in one shot.

6. Finally, please ask Sri Nithyananda where was the EXACT place that he became 'enlightened'? This 'enlightenment' story seems to be wiggling like a worm on the hot pavement. We'll be writing about it shortly. Therefore, it would be helpful if he clarified once and for all where he, Nithyananda, became 'enlightened'.

By asking Paramahamsa Nithyananda these questions, you certainly will be doing him a great service. Right now, there seems to be lots of doubt about all of these stories, which are probably very true, or at least at one point in our lives we would have liked to believe that these stories were true. After all, every one of these stories about Paramahamsa Nithyanada is in his books and in his YouTube videos. All the sanyasis (renunciants) and acharayas (teachers) also will gladly tell you that these stories are true. However, the problem is with people like us, with our worldly and logical minds that just cannot understand these stories unless they are clear with firm dates that match the context. So, by asking Sri Nithyananda, he has a chance to clear all of these doubts and assure us that he really is 'enlightened' and that he might even make us 'enlightened' just as he is 'enlightened'.

If you are at Kalpataru programs and the International Youth Conference, be sure to discuss these simple questions during the breaks at during lunch with all other participants. Also, be sure to raise them during the 'question and answer' sessions. This will help keep the focus on giving Sri Nithyananda his big chance to let us all know that every one of his stories really is true, and that we should believe everything he says.

If Sri Nithyananda cannot answer these simple questions about his own life, then it might help keep people who have lots of questions and doubts whether Nithyananda really is 'enlightened' or not 'enlightened' away from Nithyananda and his followers... therefore, they will not annoy Paramahamsa Nithyananda and his followers with these seemingly silly questions. Then, Sri Nithyananda will have more time to spend with his TRUE believers who do not ask these silly questions or who are not very good at things like simple math and basic logic, but just want to believe everything that Sri Nithyananda says because Sri Nithyananda sounds so convincing or heart-throbbing otherwise.

Perhaps those that have seemingly nagging and annoying worldly questions but signed up to attend some expensive and timely programs like "Life Bliss Engineering" should ask for a full refund. I'm sure Nithyananda will be glad to give a full refund because if these people attended the program full of doubts about if Nithyananda is 'enlightened' or not 'enlightened', they will probably not get much from this expensive program. In fact, they will probably spend most of their time asking Sri Nithyananda if he really is 'enlightened' or not 'enlightened' which will take away the bliss from the other people who really do believe that Sri Nithyananda is 'enlightened' and who paid all that money and made all those arrangements to be there to receive 'enlightenment' from the 'enlightened' master, Sri Nithyananda. If these doubters are there spoiling all that bliss, then everyone will go home disappointed for everyone will think that they did not receive 'enlightenment' after paying all that money and taking all that time off to be there. So, everyone will benefit if these people with doubts, even small doubts, receive a full refund and stay away from Sri Nithyananda and his programs.

Therefore, if you have signed up for this expensive and timely program of "Life Bliss Engineering", I'm sure all you need to do is contact the nearest ashram in LA or Bidadi, ask your questions about Sri Nithyananda's enlightenment, and if the answers are not fully satisfying, then politely, but firmly ask for a full refund.

If for any silly reason the ashrams refuse to give you a full refund, then you may send us your story, and we'll gladly post it on this forum. If there are enough people who are not satisfied with the answers regarding Sri Nithyananda's 'enlightenment' explanations, then perhaps we can organize a class action law suit. I believe we just need five people to start one. Why not be the first batch to see if the logic of the legal system is any match for Sri Nithyananda's chronological logic of his 'enlightenment'?

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