Wednesday, November 25, 2009

pt 4, Nithyananda Fears: Nithyananda's Ashramites & Inner-circle of Nithyananda

Nithyananda Fears (TM) are Going to Haunt You
To the dear ashramites and inner-circle of Nithyananda,

Are you enlightened?

I know you. No matter how many times I ask this, you will say “Yes”. Didn’t Nithyananda make you practice what to say if anyone tried to take away your enlightenment? He is such a good and practical teacher.

Tell us, do you experience fear?

You will say ‘No’ superficially, but deep in your heart, you are saying ‘Yes’. Isn’t the confusion from not being honest with yourself destroying your family and friends? Think about it. You cannot even think to walk alone in the graveyard. True, you did this at one time... but you did this in a group, under the guidance of Nithyananda.

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