Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Nithyananda Private Life is Very Different Than His Public Life

Nithyananda, Now That’s Entertainment! What's It Like to have a Cult Following?
Paramahamsa Nithyananda, do you live an austere life? I know you will answer with ‘Yes’. And, maybe for a man who has all of that gold and money, others you might consider that true, especially if they hear all of those stories about you wandering as a renunciate monk. But, sorry, Sri Nithyananda, your actions do not point to a humble lifestyle. Nithyananda, do you still fly first class while you force your personal assistant, Ma Nithyananda Gopika, to the back of the plane, in the cattle coach section? And, why in the LA Ashram do you have the only unit with satellite TV? Don’t just believe me, Sri Nithyananda, do a search in Google Maps for:

928 Huntington Dr, Unit 5, Duarte, California 91010

and zoom in on the satellite view. You will see that in your quarters, Unit no. 5, the last unit on the lower right side, you can see the satellite TV dish. I wonder what TV shows are your favorites? “It Takes a Thief”?

With all those channels to select from from your satellite TV dish, I wonder how you get any conversation in? Nithyananda, may I ask what you talk about when the attractive ladies bring your meal and stay in your quarters for sometimes four to five hours? You must chew your food very slowly. Perhaps you were getting nourishment, but I think you might have gotten dinner and a show. We know someone who has seen all these ladies come and go in your quarters, and if ever called to testify in court, under penalty of perjury, this witness would name all of those ladies. You’re quite a stud for an enlightened renunciate.

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