Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Nithyananda Performs a Red Hot Chili Ritual; Fire Away!

Nithyananda Likes It Hot and Spicy
Paramahamsa Nithyananda, do you ever do fire rituals? You will answer, “Of course”. Do you ever be creative with your fire rituals, and add things that are not known to be sattvic (pure)? You will say, “Of course not”. I must be new to this field, for I am not familiar with such items as red chilies, marijuana seeds, and human hair as being known as pure. In fact, in your book, “Formless in Form” on page 59, there is a picture of you dumping in 1,000’s of red chilies into the fire ritual. Here, take a look:

If this image is broken, just CLICK HERE TO VIEW the picture of Nithyananda dumping 1,000's of red chilies into the fire ritual. FYI: This image is hosted on; not on
Thanks to the Guruphiliac Lefora Forum for hosting this picture on their site.

Sri Nithyananda, what happens when you place all those chilies in the fire ritual? Is it true that some say you can capture departed souls and use them as part of your enlisted supernatural arsenal? Oh, scary. I bet you, Sri Nithyananda, could then fake it to a lot of people that you're really 'enlightened' with all of that ghastly help. Is this something akin to getting the help from a ghostwriter or maybe a ghost-teleprompter? Maybe you actually help those departed souls become ‘enlightened’ just like you do to the living souls through your hot and spicy techniques. Sri Nithyananda, was this something you learned while you were doing all of that graveyard stuff in Tarapit, Bengal with your Osho sanyasin friend, Ms. Bhairvi in the graveyard?

And, Sri Nithyananda, do you remember your first batch of your mass produced secret formulated ‘enlightenment’? Of course you do. That 'enlightenment' stunt was the best marketing technique to get lots of people to donate serious money, time, and resources. When your targeted onlookers saw all of those close followers sporting those bright saffron wrist bands, they turned green in envy. Those wrist bands must have cost less than $3.00 for the whole sheet, and look at all the money and donations that just came flooding in. Sri Nithyananda, you're a genius!

During that mass 'enlightenment' boot camp you used something that sure looked like marijuana seeds in the fire ritual. Sri Nithyananda, was this part of your unique for-medical-use-only-tantric knowledge? Not surprisingly, those participants felt very dizzy afterwards. Like, wow! That must have been the 'enlightenment'. I bet that some of them even followed the speed limit after experiencing that head rush.

And, Sri Nithyananda, did you not collect hair from each of the 25 disciples and place that into the fire ritual too? So, that means that you preformed a hair burning ritual. That must have smelt nice, Sri Nithyananda. Absolutely, a hair-raising experience... or was it Vedic Culture hairesy?

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