Wednesday, November 25, 2009

pt 3, Attachment to Nithyananda's Enlightenment?: Nithyananda's Ashramites & Inner-circle of Nithyananda

Attachment to Nithyananda's Brand (TM) of Enlightenment
To the dear ashramites and inner-circle of Nithyananda,

Do you consider yourselves to be 'self-realized' or 'enlightened'; now free of attachments to worldly desires?

You say “Yes”. Oh, wrong again. Let’s analyze your 'enlightened' state. For example, are you attached to anything? First of all, you are attached to your Nithyananda mala (rosary) on your neck. You are attached to Nithyananda’s picture that is on your mala, your walls, your wallet, etc. You are attached to your Nithyananda bracelet, your Nithyananda name (which you were required to change legally), and your Nithyananda padika (small bronze sandals in the guru pooja [prayer] kit). You are especially tied to your Nithyananda kavi cloth (renunciant cloth) where you traded your life savings for a piece of Nithyananda’s cloth and your Nithyananda enlightenment thread / rope that Nithyananda tied on your arm when he declared you as being 'enlightened'. Yes, you are tied to Nithyananda attachments. Just like a remora (sucker fish) is attached to a shark, you now feed off the 'good' fortune of your master.

Nithyananda Followers attach themselves to Nithyananda's body like a remora attaches itself to a shark.

Secondly, your identity is replaced by this Nithyananda identity in your daily life. You believe in that, which you are not. All this means is that you are body conscious. You attach to His body, His things, and His idea of what you are. This is clearly a RED signal of being brainwashed, and not being 'enlightened'.

To help you understand, you should read the book, Ashtavakra Gita. (Do not read or listen to the corrupted versions published by your group, which was designed to further brainwash you. Your corrupted version of the Ashtavakra Gita will not increase your wisdom, but instead it will destroy your intelligence.)

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