Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Nithyananda & Graveyard Enlightenment

Dig Your Own Grave
Nithyananda, do you often talk about graveyards, death, and ghosts in your pricey meditation retreats? You will say, "No". Oh, dear. We just have to have five minutes in your YouTube channel to disprove that one. That was too easy.

Yes, Sri Nithyananda, you certainly seem to love stories about graveyards, death, and ghosts and refer to these stories in your lectures all of the time. Shall we review a few of them?

Let’s see now, there’s the story about when you were a boy (Rajasekaran, a.k.a. Paramahamsa Nithyananda) how you would steal (yes, steal!) cigarettes to give to these 'holy' renunciants that hanged out in the graveyard so you could enhance your spiritual growth from the knowledge that these 'holy' monks offered. Nithyananda, did you get anything anything in return for these cigarettes?

Then, Sri Nithyananda, there’s the story that you tell everyone how you overcame ‘fear’ and the pretext to your practice of ‘what would swami do?’ You prescribe this 'meditation' to your followers. As an impressionable boy, a.k.a. Rajasekaran, you said that you were circumnavigating the holy hill of Arunachala near your hometown of Thiruvannamalai. During one circumnavigation, you found yourself in a graveyard at 2:00 a.m. and it was raining. You then said that you came across a dog that was eating an unearthed corpse that no longer had its head attached. Nithyananda, you immediately claimed that you thought of “What would some swami do?” to help you get control of your fear. Do you remember that story, Sri Nithyananda? Of course you do.

Now, we would like to ask some questions, Sri Nithyananda. Even if it takes five hours to walk around Arunachala Hill and you were at the tail end of your five-hour journey, why did you end up in the graveyard, alone, at 2:00 a.m.? That meant that you left to circumnavigate Arunachala hill at 9:00 p.m. at the earliest. Isn’t unusual practice to make such a long journey only at night, and all alone? Nithyananda, is there a possibility that you did not circumnavigate Arunachala Hill, but just went to the graveyard to do some practice?

Nithyananda, during your alleged ‘wandering’ years, can you recount the story you tell about how the spirit of Mahavtaar Babaji ‘floated’ toward you, gave you your name of 'Nithyananda', and merged in you. You said that you were able to move your hand right through him. This sounds more like a ghost than a holy man. Could you please tell us the difference?

Sri Nithyananda, you also seemed to have quite a meditation at the Manikarnika Ghat in Benaras. Isn’t this where Hindus cremate all of those dead bodies? And, Nithyananda, you said that you sat outside where all of the cremation smoke is? You said that you went without food and water for three days during this meditation and had an out-of-body experience and experienced death. Could you, Nithyananda, replicate this meditation again? Just do a simple meditation and go without food and water for three days with others to verify that. That would probably be sufficient proof.

Nithyananda, didn’t you say that your first ashram in Tamil Nadu was at Erode on the Kaveri River? Didn’t you say that this was next to a cemetery? Why did you choose the location of your first Nithyananda ashram to be next to a cemetery? During one workshop, you mentioned how you gave your first ashramites, Ayya and his wife, experiences of seeing ghosts in the cemetery next to your ashram. Why did you give them this experience as opposed to seeing Divinity?

Nithyananda, can you recount story about one of your first healers that you initiated? You said that she grew too big of her ego and started her own following, and her followers had malas (rosaries) with her picture on it. This Nithyananda healer soon ran into trouble of being possessed by a ghost as a result of a failed exorcism. Nithyananda, do you remember telling your audience how you “took care” of it? What actually happened? We would like to know.

Nithyananda, during a program you held in Montclair, California at the Nithyananda Vedic Temple in November 2007, do you remember the story about the disciple that wanted to see a ghost as you were driving the car? You said that you pulled over the highway to stop at a cemetery. Do you, Nithyananda, recall that you said that your follower's actual request was to see a deity, but you said that seeing a ghost and seeing a deity is at the same vibration level, so you let this Nithyananda disciple see a ghost and not deity? If you recall, Nithyananda, you said that the disciple became very scared and defecated in his pants, and that the ghost followed him around for several weeks.

Sri Nithyananda, why did you not choose to let this follower of yours see a deity? Isn’t that a much more holy experience? Can you let other people see deities since it, in your words, requires the same vibration level and energy?

Nithyananda, do you ever take other people into the graveyard? You will answer, “No”, at least not living people. That’s interesting. One of your living participants in the 2008 program of “Living Enlightenment” broke her oath of secrecy regarding this program in India. She told us how you took your followers to a graveyard, did a fire ritual, and then had all the participants runaround the graveyard in a chaotic way. Did you, Nithyananda, say that this was to help your followers overcome their fears? Did you do anything else, while you were there? Is this how enlightened masters train other people to become enlightened? Maybe you should rename your program “The Night of Living Enlightenment”.

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