Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A Direct Message to Sri Nithyananda: Stop This Nonsense!

Nithyananda, Stop Living in Lie-ament
Hi, there, Sri Nithyananda. After all your inane and empty threats, we're a bit tired, and we don't really feel like adding a bunch of humor to our message in order to lighten it up a bit. So, we thought we would do something differently this time and give it to your straight.

Sri Nithyananda, why are you lying to yourself and to your faithful followers? Why don’t you live a truthful life? Sri Nithyananda, why are you destroying your followers’ minds, thinking, free will, and identity? Why are you, Sri Nithyananda, making them well-frogs (in reference to Sri Ramakrishna’s story of the insulated frog that you often tell as your own story)? Why are you, Sri Nithyananda, using ghosts to over power the will of your devotees? Don’t you know that by doing this, you, Sri Nithyananda, will become a ghost? Lord Krishna says in the Bhagavad Gita:

Demigod-worshippers go to the demigods.
Ancestor-worshippers go to the ancestors.
Those who utilize ghosts, go to the ghosts.
And my devotees go to me (and are not born again).

Sri Nithyananda, we pray that the Lord will give you some good understanding and wisdom so that you can understand the Truth and make yourself free from all bondages and sins that you are committing which include destroying many hearts and families, husbands and wives, children and parents, etc. We are just amazed at your 'contract' with your devotees. The only ‘enlightenment’ services that you, Sri Nithyananda, expect from your brainwashed followers is that these victims serve and preach your nonsense teaching... and you call this ‘great seva’ (service) as required by an ‘enlightened’ person. You are keeping your followers tight in your grasp and abusing them as bonded labor.

Sri Nithyananda, you expect $8,000 USD from each devotee to take a three-month course on brainwashing nonsense of cult-psychology and cult-mentality. Even worse, you are creating this psychological disorder in many humble devotees of the Lord. Then, Sri Nithyananda, you expect that these victims must pay you an additional ten percent of their income to finance your cult agenda and psychological marketing of your rip-off courses and promotions.

Sri Nithyananda, isn’t this wrong? Because ten percent donation is mentioned in Vedic scriptures is to be set aside for charity and unbiased human development projects such as:

* to help needy and deserving people who are in distress, poverty, and sickness.
* to those that are preaching spirituality, spreading Truth, and demoralizing those people who believe in ‘divide and rule’ (which directly attacks the cause of discrimination of caste, color, race, gender, religion, class, etc.)
* to those that are energizing the people who unite humanity by telling people that they are all part of Divinity. Everyone is a drop of the same ocean.

Sri Nithyananda, this is what these charity donations should be earmarked for. Sri Nithyananda, your use of donations include building grandiose schemes like stadiums and other ego projects and making a worldly name for yourself.

And, Sri Nithyananda, charitable service is not handing some check over to some Chief Minister in the Government that you can later capitalize for favors as you did on October 12, 2009. Charitable service is not a photo op session of a poorly attended eye clinic with pictures of your followers. Charitable service is not pictures of damage from a disaster and a village meeting afterwards. Charitable service is not a picture of a truck full of food to be donated, when you have a fleet of trucks coming into your ashram daily bringing in building supplies to erect your empire. The problem is, Sri Nithyananda, when you give out chump change, you're still a chump. And, there's been no change there.

A Message to All Seekers:
Unfortunately, Sri Nithyananda preaches something else other than Divinity which divides society, families, relations, marriages, etc. to use for his personal gain. This is not spirituality. As he is now, Sri Nithyananda’s causes and organizations do not deserve any of your time, attention, or donations.

Dear devotees, be careful when you go and see Sri Nithyananda. You may end up in a well-planned trap. And after being brainwashed, you may never come out of this trap. And when you realize that you have been fooled and cheated, it will be too late. You will end up losing your family, life savings, home, and become poor and destitute, destined for hardship in your old age.

Please be careful. This is our humble request. Do not be emotional. Use wisdom and do not replace your true identity. May God be with you.


Follow your dharma. Use your common sense. Listen to your inner-conscience, and follow the Truth. Come out of this trap, and escape from this fraudulent cult.

Nithyananda's Scare Tactics, Scared Antics, and Royal Bluffs

When Divine Powers Fail, Get a Lawyer, Security Guards, and Threat Again and Again
Hi Sri Nithyananda! It's time again for our near daily session. [No response.] Oh, Yoo-Hoo!, Sri Nithyananda. Anyone home? [No response. Hmmm... maybe we need to call him in the language that he knows.] Nithyanandam! Nithyanandam! Nithyanandam! "I'm over here.", Sri Nithyananda says. Where? "Here." [I look in his sleeping quarters.] Oh, my gosh, Sri Nithyananda, you really do have siddhis! I hear you, but I do not see you. "I'm here. Under the bed." Oh, Sri Nithyananda, why are you there? Isn't that were your lady friends usually hide if someone comes over? Oh, I'm sorry, I meant to say female devotees that you have convinced that you are really Krishna and that you have come down in this lifetime to liberate them. Sorry, sorry, sorry, Sri Nithyananda. I'll get the story right next time. So, Sri Nithyananda, are you alone? "Yes, I'm alone."

Then, why are you, Sri Nithyananda, under your bed? I know that god is everywhere, but this kind of takes it to another level. "Very funny." Sri Nithyananda, are you not scared, are you? [Long pause. No response.]

Oh, Sri Nithyananda, we think that we know what happened. You must have used some scare tactics that didn't work, now you are scared? Is this correct? "No.", came a soft whimper from underneath the bed. Are you sure? Let's look what was posted in this blog just a few days ago:

On Sunday, November 15, 2009 8:45 PM
Anonymous said...

Someone I know still goes to the temple in Montclair. This is what I heard from her.

Nithyananda has received several life-threatening mails (both regular mail and email) which match the profile, style of writing and content of this blog owner. They say the blog owner identity is well-known given the blog content and references. They seem to know who it is. They are pursuing legal action is against the blog owner for the life threatening mails and for the content of this blog. A threat of physical harm that they have received they say is a very serious crime. They are expecting imminent arrest of the blog owner. Although the identity of this blog owner is well known to them, it needs to be legally proven it seems. They have a subpoena in motion to identify and take action against the blog-owner. Some 223 (or some such number) both criminal and civil violations have been identified and listed against this blog owner. They have listed crimes of serious nature and it is believed that these crimes would warrant arrest once the identity is confirmed by the blogspot site (is that google?). There is talk that there is also room for class action by various disciples and devotees of Nithyananda on many of these counts. Based on what I am hearing, I am suspecting that there will be multiple lawsuits on these counts. There seems to be some pretty serious actions taken on this front.

Regarding me, I reserve my comments on your site and on Nithyananda. (Don't want to get caught in this crossfire). That is not important here. I felt like letting you know.

Wow, Sri Nithyananda, that looks like a serious scare tactic to us. Do you really think that anyone is going to believe you, Sri Nithyananda, that the person who posted this is 'just someone who overheard a conversation at your Vedic Temple in Montclair, California'? Are you, Sri Nithyananda, sure that it isn't one of your henchmen from your inner-circle? It sure seems that way to us. You know, Sri Nithyananda, once your validity goes, no one is going to believe you. Just like no one really believes that you did nine (9) years of wandering in just four and a half (4.5) years. Then, all the other great stories, like your birthday on January 1st, your 360 degree vision, your Osho statue carved in a cave, all of them, are just no longer Truths. They get downgraded to myths. But, don't worry, Sri Nithyananda, there's lots of great myths out there. Let's see, there's Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, why there's even the Chicago Cubs pennant winners. Sri Nithyananda, there's still lots of people out there willing to spend a whole life time chasing myths. So, you're career isn't exactly over.

Sri Nithyananda, you said that you received threatening emails and letters from someone? How about if you post these correspondences on your website or even the Guruphiliac Blog Forum, and then everyone can see how threatening these missives are? Then, perhaps the owner of these correspondences can take responsibility for them, and you can direct your attention in a positive and constructive way. You, Sri Nithyananda, can have a 'lost and found' section on your website and highlight these matters. This seems a much better method than simply threatening people on a blog post. That doesn't seem like a good use of your time. But, then again, you are the 'enlightened' healing master, so who are we to question.

Sri Nithyananda, this blog comment that was done by one of your henchmen was it a bluff? Do you really think you can follow through and do all those things that you, Sri Nithyananda, told that person to write in the post? [More awkward silence.] Sri Nithyananda, there's a couple of problems here. First, if you want to threaten someone, you need to threaten someone who still has something. We imagine, Sri Nithyananda, that this person doing the blog once was a close follower of yours, is that correct? "We think so." OK, if this person was once a close follower yours, do you think he or she still has any money left? Do you think he or she still has family left? Do you think he or she is still married? Do you think he or she still has a career? [Even more awkward silence lapses.] Sri Nithyananda, you don't need to say anything. We already know the answers to these questions, but we just wanted to get you, an 'enlightened' healing master, to think. So, if this person doesn't have much of anything, do you, Sri Nithyananda, think that he or she is really going to respond to some threats of having things taken away for him or her? These threats, Sri Nithyananda, work much better with people who still have something.

Sri Nithyananda, another problem with using scare tactics like these, is that you really need to be able to follow up and take action on them. You see Sri Nithyananda, this is not a poker game, where you can bluff. In poker, bluffing is perfectly fine and that is part of the game. But, in spirituality, you need to keep to the Truth. Once you make this threat and tell others to make this threat for you, what are you, Sri Nithyananda, going to do? Oh, now I see why you are under the bed. Hmmm. This does create a problem.

Oh, please realize, Sri Nithyananda, no matter how loud you yell at your ashramites, how little sleep you deprive them, and no matter how much you threaten or scare them, they now see you as, well, ah, not truthful. Sorry, Sri Nithyananda, I know that hurts. But, they will no longer respect you and quickly begin to leave you in spite of making them financially dependent and all of those years they have invested in you for their 'enlightenment'. The game might be over. But, don't worry, Sri Nithyananda. With your bluffing skills, you should easily get a job working the poker tables in Las Vegas. That is, unless, you, Sri Nithyananda, cheat. Oh, yes, there are issues there too. You, Sri Nithyananda, might need to work on that aspect too. Otherwise, your legends of being a myth quickly get downgraded to just a yellow-belly-liar. Sri Nithyananda, even we hold you in higher esteem than a yellow-belly-liar. Well, maybe just a little bit higher.

And, Sri Nithyananda, do you really have a lawyer? Wow, we never heard of an 'enlightened' healing master with a lawyer before. Paramahamsa Ramakrishna at the very end of his life did have a doctor, but a lawyer? How does a lawyer help a full-fledged renunciate? Are we missing something? Wow, that must sure look good on the resume, Legal Council to God. Why if I was a lawyer, I would love to have that certificate. And, where Sri Nithyananda, did you find this lawyer? Was it part of a security package you purchased that came along with the security guards? You know, the two burly men that come up to the Bay Area, you know Milpitas and San Jose, wearing the suit and tie, and are always by your side? And, rumor has it that these security guards were with you in Los Angeles before you left to India? Sri Nithyananda, do you really feel that threatened? Didn't you, Sri Nithyananda, once said that if you feel threatened by someone it is because you might have done something to make that person feel like threatening you? Is that just another fancy-smancy way of saying that you feel guilty for initiating all of this? And, we might even say that did you bring this all upon yourself? Sri Nithyananda, did you do anything wrong to someone, ever? Say it ain't so.

So, Sri Nithyananda, what is going on here? And, please, don't just blame it all on Kali Yuga. That excuse gets kind of old. Sri Nithyananda, could you even imagine the enlightened master, Shirdi Baba, with a lawyer and bodyguards? Why didn't a group of assassins once come to 'get him', and Shirdi Baba calmly faced them. And, these thugs soon recognized the Divinity within Shirdi Baba, His Grace, and His compassion. After a short time, those that were going to harm Shirdi Baba just broke down and became His disciples? So, why are you, Sri Nithyananda, going just the opposite direction? No one is coming after you, except with a few Truths, but nothing more... and yet, you get the whole protection package of lawyers and bodyguards? What next, Sri Nithyananda? Bulletproof dhoti cloth? You already forbid guns to be brought into the temple. But, I'm sure this is not what most normal seekers bring into a hall of worship. Let's see... Puja tray. Check!, Flowers. Check!, Fruit to be offered. Check!, Automatic weapon with several clips of ammunition, Check!... Sri Nithyananda, there's really no need to be this paranoid. I know your temple is in Los Angeles, but it really isn't that way. People are generally nonviolent, especially if the spiritual leader has peaceful thoughts, never cheats anyone, is not greedy, pours unconditional love from the heart to all, etc. That is you, Sri Nithyananda isn't? At least that's the impression we all got from watching your YouTube videos.

Sri Nithyananda, more good news. You know that early this morning, this blog reached over one-half MILLION page views? And, as we type, we are over 520,000 page views. Why most of these page views just happened in the last two weeks. I know that you, Sri Nithyananda, tried to get this little blog shut down by clicking the 'report abuse' feature, and by complaining to Google, etc. Sri Nithyananda, this is just a little blog. Are you afraid of just a little blog?

Sri Nithyananda, is it true that you launched a bunch of strategic tactics to silence critics in India and had some success with that? [More silence.] Sri Nithyananda, did you have your devotees file court motions in remote areas of rural India so the owners of a newspaper that exposed you, Sri Nithyananda, as not being so Truthful, would have to go to very far inconvenient provinces to defend themselves, even though the people who filed the motion didn't even have to show up? And, as one of the contributors to this blog mentioned did you have all of your devotees write this newspaper with insufficient postage? Thereby, forcing the newspaper to pay for the remaining postage in order to receive any mail at all? Why Sri Nithyananda, isn't this called 'dirty tricks'? Did you learn this tactic from your idol, Nixon? So, does this make you, Sri Nithyananda, an 'enlightened' healing master of dirty tricks? Come on, Sri Nithyananda, isn't this like manipulating loopholes in the law for your own benefit? Are these actions of yours with dharma (righteousness)? Isn't telling your followers to send mail purposely with insufficient postage breaking the law? Sri Nithyananda, the correct postage needs to be on the letter. If you tell people to send letters, and tell them to do it using less than the correct postage, that sounds like you're massively telling people to break the law in order to help yourself. Sri Nithyananda, is that what you are all about? We think, Sri Nithyananda, that you might seem amusing to people who like to break the law, but to people who like the Truth, you seem to be oppressing them. Do you, Sri Nithyananda, really think the Truth can be repressed?

And, Sri Nithyananda, we realize that one-half-million-page views is not the same as one-half-million unique visitors. What this means is that a smaller amount of people are coming to this blog, and those people are constantly looking at the every page and checking to see if new comments are written. That means that a crowd of less than a half-million is frequently viewing all of the pages and comments in this blog.

We imagine that some of these people viewing all of the pages and refreshing those pages to see if new comments have been added are some of your inner-circle disciples. We, Sri Nithyananda, do not have any problem with that. In fact, Sri Nithyananda, we welcome this. Each time one of your close followers constantly 'refreshes' the page and reads every word that is written, the years of brainwashing and other engraved memories of you, Sri Nithyananda, come out. During this process where Truths are colliding with your years of your collective 'programming' as well as with all that time and money that the devotee has invested in you, Sri Nithyananda. This is might be a 'big bang' of consciousness. Wow, that also might be called 'cognitive dissonance' in psychological terms. You, Sri Nithyananda, might have coined it with a label like 'blissful mental owie'. Anyway, many devotees are going to be at odds with themselves once they see the Truths (repeatedly) and compare it to all your brainwashing. Who knows, they might even start doubting you and maybe even questioning you... and in extreme cases might even start quarreling with themselves. Shameful. Sri Nithyananda, will you then ban all of your followers from reading this blog? That will create a paradox. On one hand, your brainwashing might not become undone and still be in tact. On the other hand, your followers will know that you are very afraid of a little blog and that our postings and comments are terrifying to your very existence. If I were you, Sri Nithyananda, I would stay underneath that bed until this whole thing blows over.

Just in time!. There's a new threat of a lawsuit from one of your inner-circle in our inbox right:

On Tuesday, November 17, 2009 5:45 PM Anonymous said...

Swamiji organisation follow all rules and regulations to the core....they have strict benchmark in usa nad other countries to follow all legal rules and have left no loop holes.......No doubt I heard that a big law suit is on the way for this blog owner.....and many devotees are also planning to file law suits for writing a blog without any proof or substance.....I dont know what will be the fate of this blog owner....surely he his ruining his own life.....may god bless everyone....

You, Sri Nithyananda, just don't give up. Is that why you made it to the title of self-proclaimed Paramahamsa? OK. Fair enough. You and your devotees that are undergoing cognitive dissonance file your lawsuits against us, and we and our readers will file our lawsuits against you, Sri Nithyananda. We'll make sure the Truth gets out, and that everything, and I do mean everything, gets exposed... even those things that were only exposed to you, Sri Nithyananda, in those more intimate moments.

Sri Nithyananda, do you really understand that if we go the route of filing a lawsuit, that you and your inner-circle will be subpoenaed? And, that you and your inner-circle will have to testify under penalty of perjury? And, if you and your inner-circle are proven not to be telling the truth, that you can be arrested? And, that everything that you and your inner-circle will say, will become public record, which will be available online? Wow, Sri Nithyananda, now will be our chance to ask you all those questions such as which day really is your birthday?, When (if at all) you earned that engineering degree?, How many years did you actually wander?, etc. This will be a field day! And, then everyone will know. Don't forget, that we'll ask how much money you take in from all of those pricey programs and ten percent donations, and where all that money goes, and how everything is spent, etc. We'll ask all about your sanyasi (monk) initiation and how many people that you declared as being 'enlightened' still think that they are 'enlightened', and I bet there will be a whole lot of people who were once 'enlightened' with your certificate ready to testify against you, Sri Nithyananda. We will also ask you, Sri Nithyananda, about how many divorces happened because of your teachings, how many families have been separated, and many followers have been impoverished. We will be sure to ask questions about all those ladies who delivered food and then stayed in your private quarters alone for hours; we have quite a list of all those ladies, and we'll be asking you to account in detail of what exactly went on. Hmmm. This might get steamy. That is what you, Sri Nithyananda, will have to look forward to.

Just to make this fun, Sri Nithyananda, we are sure to invite a lot of newspapers, which we know will love to cover the story, especially the ones you cowed back in India. We'll be glad to let the reporters stay in our homes just so they are comfortable and able to really cover a good story, and get the Truth out. Oh, and why we are throwing legal spears at each other, we might even name some of your big donors in our lawsuit too, so they also can feel your bliss. But, don't worry, Sri Nithyananda, please don't go into samadhi right now. We'll only do this if you do this. After you. That is only polite. Sri Nithyananda, you and your followers, you are polite, aren't you?

Nithyananda's Fails Basic Math with His Enlightenment Record

Nithyananda Has Trouble Counting to Six or Greater
Sri Nithyananda, are you really 'enlightened' and can make other people 'enlightened'? "Of course, I'm a genuine Paramahamsa. I came down just do that job, and if people compensate me with big generous donations, I will be able to 'enlighten' over 100,000 people in just a few years." Nice effort. Wow, money might not be able to buy love, but it can buy 'enlightenment'. Just amazing. "It's true! I should sue you for slander! We'll be getting lawyers and everything!" Cool it there, Sri Nithyananda. If others see you, Sri Nithyananda, lose your cool, they won't think that you're 'enlightened' anymore. We'll be sure to give your idea of suing other people and dragging them to court the attention that it deserves in a future post. We're not very worried about your empty threats, Sri Nithyananda. Just like your wandering years or engineering diploma, we know that you're good at make things up. Did anyone ever tell you that you are very creative? Actually, Sri Nithyananda, to be honest, we're more worried about your next wardrobe appearance. Sri Nithyananda, will you be wearing something that needs to be plugged in or will batteries be part of the get up? A jet pack perhaps? That way, you can make claims that you fly too, other than first class.

OK, let's keep on track. So, Sri Nithyananda, let’s hope for the best and just assume that you really are god, 'enlightened', and that you can make other people 'enlightened'. Let’s then look at your track record. In June of 2007, was your first batch of people that you 'enlightened' were 25 ashramite in Los Angeles? Then you replicated this miraculous accomplishment a few months later in Bidadi. There you outdid yourself, and 28 people became 'enlightened'. That comes to a total of 53 people that you claim received your 'enlightenment' in 2007. Do you agree to these calculations? And, because of this amazing feat of making 53 people 'enlightened', you, Sri Nithyananda, have became qualified to sit on a 24K gold throne?

Sri Nithyananda, of that first batch of 25 followers from Los Angeles that received your 'enlightenment', how many really became 'enlightened'? Did you not tell one senior devotee in Singapore, Ram Ramanathan, that one (let us check again, that is ‘one’ as in ‘1’) of your 'enlightened' disciples “just did not get it.” Too bad. Sri Nithyananda, of course the fault lies with that one devotee, correct? It's a little confusing. You said that they were all 'enlightened' at the time, but now you were saying that one of them was not 'enlightened' after all. What happened, Sri Nithyananda, did your 'enlightenment' wear off?

Sri Nithyananda, didn’t you have your first batch of 25 'enlightened' followers practice right after receiving your 'enlightenment' what to say if anyone tried to take their 'enlightenment' away? Why you spent a few hours on this topic, with lots of role-playing. Everyone had to practice how and what he or she personally would say, remember? Then, Sri Nithyananda, didn't you have all of your newly ‘enlightened’ people announce in front of all the other newly ‘enlightened’ people that they were now ‘enlightened’? Isn’t this a brainwashing technique called ‘group think’?

So, back to your record, you, Sri Nithyananda, admitted that one of the 25 ‘enlightened’ followers really wasn’t ‘enlightened’ a few months later after you declared that all 25 'enlightened' followers were really 'enlightened'. Was saying that 'one person didn't get it' was some sort of social control to keep everyone guessing, who might have a thought or had a fraction of a doubt if he or she might not really be ‘enlightened’? Sri Nithyananda, in other words, was this just a method to keep your 'enlightenend' followers under your tight mental influence? Sri Nithyananda, that would have been very manipulative, so I doubt that it was that, was it?

Almost two and a half years later after receiving your ‘enlightenment’, of the 25 ‘enlightened’ disciples, six (6) of the ‘enlightened’ followers have left you, and declared that you, Sri Nithyananda, run a cult or were just disgruntled. Basically, they claim that your suitable-for-hanging certificate of 'enlightenment' was false, and went on with their lives without you. Rumor has it that at least one defector was upset that your ashrams have became a hot bed for illicit sex and debauchery. Instead of brotherly love, you, Nithyananda, offer brothelly love. Nice. Is this the type of love we can expect from you, Sri Nithyananda?

So, that makes six (6) followers that are no longer ‘enlightened’. Sri Nithyananda, is six greater than one? Were you, Sri Nithyananda, able to predict that these people wouldn't get it either? After all, you, Sri Nithyananda have predicted some big things like the property market to fall, and 2012 disasters, etc. Why did you, Sri Nithyananda, fail this time? Did their 'enlightenment' just wear off like the shine on a fake gold belt buckle? Why Sri Nithyananda, here's a small tip for next time; if you give your 'enlightenment' in the form of a tattoo, I'm sure that it will take a lot longer to rub off.

So, these unexplained additional five (5) people on top of your 'revised' one (1) person who just did not 'get it', doesn't seem to be solid math, Sri Nithyananda. Is this like your wandering years that accounted for nine (9) years but were shrunk into four and a half (4.5) years? Or like your engineering certificate that you claimed to have finished 'with the highest grade - a distinction' in zero (0) years? Why, Sri Nithyananda, we think you might benefit watching a few reruns of Sesame Street.

Sri Nithyananda, of the remaining 19 ‘enlightened’ followers still dedicated to making other people 'enlightened' like themselves, is one of them your priest, Sri Nithya Ajara? After becoming ‘enlightened’, didn't Ajara divorce (with your blessings) his wife and then was free to womanize with other ladies, which caused even more divorces? Unlike a lot of people you, Sri Nithyananda, rejected as being not suitable for your 'enlightenment', doesn't Ajara have a high paying job that brings in a lot of money into your organization? More importantly for your image, doesn't Ajara know Sanskrit, so he can recite all of the Vedic mantras nicely as he does your 'priestly' functions? Sri Nithyananda, does Ajara help make you look like you have a legitimate temple, which helps bring in even more donations, and brings in more followers, and brings in more candidates that, you, Sri Nithyananda, might deem worthy of your 'enlightenment' (if they have thick enough wallets, that is)? So, is this why you, Sri Nithyananda, allowed Nithya Ajara to stay in your organization even though he has harmed so many people? It must have been a hard decision, for you to make, being an 'enlightened' healing master grounded in the truth.

Sri Nithyananda, do you realize that many of your other ‘enlightened’ people have expressed their ‘enlightenment’ by getting very fat; (this also includes Ajara.) Do you agree that most people get fat by eating too much, poor diet, not exercising, and having many psychological problems like stress, low self-esteem, and a lack of fulfillment and love? But, Sri Nithyananda, wouldn't you agree that these disciples are ‘enlightened’ with your certificate? Do these followers stay in your ashram, eat your so-called ‘sattvic’ food, and do nothing but service to you? Sri Nithyananda, is this because their inner bodies are expanding in all directions so therefore, their outer bodies also need to expand in all directions in order to still stay in this world? Wow, Sri Nithyananda, that is really heavy stuff. Perhaps you can run a new program called, "Bloat Your Way to Divinity". But, Sri Nithyananda, the word is called 'enlightenment' not 'enheavyment'. This is counterintuitive.

But, honestly, Sri Nithyananda, how did your followers then get so overweight? Does your ‘enlightenment’ really work? Please tell us, Sri Nithyananda. You, Sri Nithyananda, in the words of Ricky Ricardo, have some splainin to do.

Paramahamsa Nithyananda Revises Vedic Holy Day Plus Bliss Bites Back

Nithyananda, the Father of All Renamed Vedic Traditions
Paramahamsa Nithyananda, we have to be honest with you. We really don't know if you are a real Paramahamsa or not a real Paramahamsa. Actually, we really do have our doubts that you are a Paramahamsa, but we know when we search Google for 'Nithyananda Paramahamsa' we are only at 88. I know that is a bit low, Paramahamsa Nithyananda. After all, we have several no. 1's and many top tens in Google. Even just plain old 'Nithyananda' without the Paramahamsa title, we usually come in the top 30. So, out of respect to Google and a little bit of respect to you, we will call you Paramahamsa Nithyananda for this blog post. Hope that is OK with you, Paramahamsa Nithyananda.

Paramahamsa Nithyananda, as I write this blog, it is still November 12, 2009. Why isn't that a special day in your Nithyananda Order, Paramahamsa Nithyananda? Didn't you call that Maha Parinirvana Day? Why you will say "Yes". I'm so glad that we agree on something, Paramahamsa Nithyananda, for a change. In fact, you, Paramahamsa Nithyananda sent us an email announcing this holy day, and that we should celebrate it with you at the Vedic Temple in Montclair, California. Actually, Paramahamsa Nithyananda, you are probably flying first class in some airplane to Singapore, but we know that you, Paramahamsa Nithyananda are there in spirit. Paramahamsa Nithyananda, isn't this special occasion that you call Maha Parinirvana Day in recognition of the your father, Sri Nithya Arunachalananda Swami, who you claimed attained Maha-Samadi, the state of liberation?

Wow, Paramahamsa Nithyananda, that's really nice that you finally did something nice for your father. We have eyewitnesses that can testify how you abusively treated your parents even after you made the big time. It's nice to see that you treat everyone, Paramahamsa Nithyananda, equally. Equally bad that is. We remember how you finally started talking to your parents again, after years of the silent treatment, and how you then treated your parents as if they were complete strangers with distant-politeness. I'm sure all those diaper changes sure paid off, Paramahamsa Nithyananda. But, after 'working on' your parents and 'churning' them big time, it was nice to see that you actually went down and did all the last rites for your father. In fact, you even offered to put his soul back into his body, but you decided not to upon your mother's request. Nice.

So, Paramahamsa Nithyananda, if you have this special ability to put souls back into dead bodies, you must have some special miracle powers? Were you able to predict this death, Paramahamsa Nithyananda? Your very quiet again, Paramahamsa Nithyananda. I'm sure you, Paramahamsa Nithyananda, were able to predict this, but you just played it cool, and let the grim reaper play his little leela (play)? Correct? Yes, Paramahamsa Nithyananda, we remember. You were giving a lecture to a captivated crowd that later would become a YouTube video, and with all those bright lights, fancy clothes, and make up, well, who wouldn't be a bit distracted and not notice your super godly powers telling you that your father just died. In fact, wasn't it just a mere human who received the news via a telephone call, then slipped you the note during your lecture? So, Paramahamsa Nithyananda, does this mean your father automatically attained Maha-Samadi, the state of liberation, or did he have to wait until you were tipped off and then you could liberate him?

So, Paramahamsa Nithyananda, can we conclude that any of your followers who die and have slaved their whole life for your empire must first have someone call the ashram to have them slip you a note so these dead devotees will be taken care of? Paramahamsa Nithyananda, is that part of your living 'enlightenment' pact? We don't know if this really seems like a guaranteed process. Seems a bit shaky to us.

And, Paramahamsa Nithyananda, if you say you can see all of those ghosts, why didn't your father's soul just come floating by during your lecture and say 'Hi'? He wasn't afraid that you were going to 'enlist' him in one of your red hot chili fire rituals? To be honest, if I died, I really wouldn't want to get that close to your red hot chili fire rituals either. Now, if you were roasting marshmallows, that sounds much more enticing.

And, Paramahamsa Nithyananda, could you tell us what your father died of? He seemed a bit young to be going into that next level. Did he take your "Health and Wellness" program? Paramahamsa Nithyananda, there wasn't anything else going on, was there? This was a natural death? We sure hope that.

Now tell us, Paramahamsa Nithyananda, why did you name this day Maha Parinirvana Day? Is this part of your 'enlightenment' marketing that if your devotees give you lots of cash and/or slave for you for a lifetime, then they, like your father, will get 'enlightenment' at the final moment?... after a phone call of course. Paramahamsa Nithyananda, is this how your holy business model is based on?

Paramahamsa Nithyananda, why isn't Parinirvana Day, or Nirvana Day is also a Mahayana Buddhist holiday celebrated in East Asia? Isn't this the day that Buddhists believe that Lord Buddha is said to have achieved Parinirvana, or complete Nirvana, upon the death of His physical body? And, Paramahamsa Nithyananda, doesn't this day usually come sometime in February? Usually the 8th or the 15th of February to be exact? And, to Buddhist, this day of Parinirvana does not come sometime in November? Wow, Paramahamsa Nithyananda, you must really be god to be happy to mess with this day and still claim that you're a caretaker of Vedic Culture!

Do you, Paramahamsa Nithyananda, still have that big, heavy, larger-than-life marble statue of Lord Buddha in your Vedic Temple in Montclair, California? And you, Paramahamsa Nithyananda, do not have any problems with recycling a holy day that is already in use? Does this mean that your father is now equal to Lord Buddha, and we can now expect to see a big, heavy, larger-than-life marble statue of your father next to Lord Buddha? Wow, I guess you, a self-proclaimed god, has the right to do such things.

And, what about other holy days, Paramahamsa Nithyananda? Are you going to name some special occasion of an existing holy day to mark your special version of Vedic Culture, you know, Vedic Culture as you know it? Paramahamsa Nithyananda, why don't you rename the day you were denied entry to the United States as Christmas? That way, somebody is not going to go and say that April 2nd, was just an extension of April Fool's Day.

I'm sure, Paramahamsa Nithyananda that all of your devotees will be glad to celebrate your Christmas in April, since all of your U.S. devotees are required to donate huge amounts of cash that they cannot afford, they will certainly get big refunds from the IRS from all of those tax-deductible write-offs. Then you, Paramahamsa Nithyananda, can demand that these people donate all their tax refunds to you on that day. If your followers do not refund their tax refunds to you, Paramahamsa Nithyananda, you could then take away their 'enlightenment', and promise that you will not answer the phone or receive any notes on the day they die. But, then again, you, Paramahamsa Nithyananda, wouldn't know the day that your followers died, unless someone slips you a note. But, don't worry, Paramahamsa Nithyananda, I'm sure that your followers are much too excited about their 'enlightenment' that they won't think about those little details.

I bet, Paramahamsa Nithyananda, people will be more than glad to donate to your mission on this new Christmas Day. You, Paramahamsa Nithyananda, can call it the 'rebirth' of giving. Yes, we agree, that would be the corrected meaning of Christmas, in accordance to the Order of Nithyananda, that now happens to fall on April 2 every year.

Paramahamsa Nithyananda's Bliss Bytes Bite Back
Paramahamsa Nithyananda, can you believe that a bunch of your email went to my spam folder? Shameful. I don't think email knows how special you, as an 'enlightened' healing master, really are. Anyway, inside my spam folder was an email with the subject line "Bliss Byte - Click of the Day". Why heck, Paramahamsa Nithyananda, the title of the featured YouTube clip was "You Only Remember People Who Disturb You". Does this mean, Paramahamsa Nithyananda, that all of us contributing to this blog are being remembered by you right now? Well, that explains all of the mystery phone calls with the 626 area code and no message being left.

Just think, all your poor devotees that wait so patiently for your attention and who take all those expensive programs, volunteers to be your slave, or become one of your acharyas (teachers) with the mandate to brainwash additional potential devotees, all they really need to do in order to jump in front of the line is contribute to this blog. Presto! An instant shortcut to your darshan (sighting). Our heart energy centers are unlocking this very moment.

Let's take a look at this video now, shall we? No, Paramahamsa Nithyananda, you don't need to pay us anything for the referral. It is on us:

>> Nithyananda's Disturbing Lecture

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Wow, look at your clothes. These are the same Osho clothes we mentioned about being a cross between ‘Star Trek’ and ‘Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band’.
And, yes, Paramahamsa Nithyananda, according to your Bliss Byte logic, we all are going to remember YOU for life times after life times. In this way, you, Paramahamsa Nithyananda, are truly immortal to us.

Nithyananda Denied Entry to the US and Gets Visa Cancelled

“I’m not here to prove that I’m God; I’m here to show you that I’m a visa beggar.”
Paramahamsa Nithyananda, have you ever been in trouble with the U.S. immigration laws? I know, you will say something like “I’m grounded in Satya (truth) and the Vedic traditions. I just flow through this life with no resistance.” Nice try there, Sri Nithyananda. Do you remember your little mini tour to Canada in late March 2007? Sri Nithyananda! No, you cannot go into samadhi now. I didn’t bring any of those pictures with me. Sri Nithyananda, we just started! Quick. I have to think of something. I know, I will grab my notebook and make a sound of flipping through all the pages. frrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrp. (Sound of flipping pages in a notebook.) Sri Nithyananda, I have a stack of new hundred-dollar bills. Listen. frrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrp. Ah, thanks, there, Sri Nithyananda. I knew you would come out of samadhi. “I never touch money. It means nothing to me.” Thanks, Sri Nithyananda. I know that is the public face you put on, but there’s no one around, so you can behave like you do in private. After all, we have witnesses in 2007 when you held U.S. dollar bills and received hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations as a deposit for the Montclair temple. Boy, did you get excited. “Arrrffffrrrauugh!” Oh, I don’t know that word in Gruntanese, but I imagine that it is not a good thing.

OK, Sri Nithyananda, let’s get back to that Canadian tour of Spring 2007. Remember, you came first to your ashram, in Duarte, California. You, then, lectured and did some cash-collecting program. Then you, Sri Nithyananda, went up to Vancouver, Canada where you did some more lectures and then another cash-collecting program. Then, your next stop was going to be in Seattle, Washington where you were going to give some more lectures and of course, do another cash-collecting program.

However, things didn’t go quite as you planned. On the way back from Vancouver, Canada to the U.S. by car (because you thought you would be able to go ‘under the radar’ through the roadside immigration point), some U.S. Immigration Authority Officer that obviously never did Nithya Dhyaan, wore your mala (rosary) and bracelet, or even watched a YouTube clip of you did the unthinkable. Sri Nithyananda! You’re going into samadhi again. Stop! Stop! Here. frrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrp. Listen. That is a whole stack of new thousand-dollar bills. Oh, you’re back. That was a close one. Did that government official cancel your U.S. tourist visa? Why Sri Nithyananda? Were you wearing Bermuda shorts, a loud Hawaiian shirt, and some funny sunglasses while in California? But, Sri Nithyananda, even for acting ugly in America, immigration people usually do not cancel tourist reasons for that reason. Oh, it must have been all that cash you were carrying, brochures, books, Nithya malla’s (rosaries), and your website that tipped off the authorities. Sri Nithyananda, do you know that the U.S. authorities know how to surf the web and find things? Perhaps they all bookmarked your site on Delicious. Anyway, Sri Nithyananda, if you are in the U.S. as a tourist, they really want you to spend money and see the scenery... not to make money and cause a scene. I guess you learned that one the hard way.

Sri Nithyananda, do you remember the day that this all happened? Why it was April 2. Do you suppose the U.S. Immigration Office extended April Fools Day (which is on April 1st) by one day in your honor? Looks like the joke was on you, Sri Nithyananda. Should we celebrate this day? You know, kind of like a Boston Tea Party Jyanti?

Sri Nithyananda, did the customs person give you the respect of a true Paramahamsa? You, know, did he act bias to you? You know, the same sort of racist stuff you dish out to white people? (Stay tuned for a future post.) Was this part of your karma, you know what you did to all those white people, someone did back to you? I thought that custom’s official acted with prejudice. Wasn’t that a bit blatant, just kind of like the way you, Sri Nithyananda, act towawards others? Why that custom’s official even wrote in your visa “Canceled With Prejudice.” How dare he! Oh, I’m sorry, “Canceled with Prejudice” is a legal term that means not-even-someone-who-thinks-he-has-divinity-in-his-pocket will be able to overturn this ruling. Oh, and, Sri Nithyananda, what was the custom official’s excuse? Because you were here for ‘holy’ business purposes and were not here as a tourist. Sri Nithyananda, you were busted! Get used to it, kid. There will be more times like this ahead.

Wow, that must have come as quite a shock. After all, Sri Nithyananda, you claim that you can do just about anything; you know, being so godly and all. I mean anyone that can do mass ‘enlightenment’ and proudly say that you’re the avatar of Lord Shiva, Lord Krishna, Devi Minakshi, Lord Ayyaapa, Lord Subramaniam, and a host of other deities could surely get a simple entry into the United States? Maybe it was because you were not wearing Bermuda shorts, a loud Hawaiian shirt, and some funny sunglasses. You know, you really should try that sometime. OK, if it’s cold, some blue jeans.

Now, Sri Nithyananda, since you do all these predictions like how my house will be the epicenter of a 2012 disaster and everything, why couldn’t you at least predict that this immigration official was not going to let you in? If you did that, you might have been able to let those poor devotees in Seattle, Washington enough time not to run all of those costly adds with you big picture on them or rent that big over-sized hall. I bet that hall echoed in your empty promise of being there for them. I imagine, Sri Nithyananda, that those devotees had to hang around the hall all night to tell other potential donors that you were on an extended vacation in Canada. Sri Nithyananda, were you skiing or moose spotting in Canada, eh? Sri Nithyananda, if you can’t even get a visa and predict that you would be denied entry, does this mean you will not be able to get me a new bicycle, a skateboard, or a drum set... or even a winning lottery ticket? Sri Nithyananda, am I wasting my time with you?

So tell me, Sri Nithyananda. With all that time on your hands up in Canada, what did you do, eh? Sri Nithyananda, Sri Nithyananda, Sri Nithyananda! Dang, samadhi again. frrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrp. Listen. This is the sound of new ten-thousand-dollar bills. No response. Fiddle-faddle. OK. I’ll have to do this one from memory. Yes, I remember now. Sri Nithyananda, you had all your big wealthy influential devotees fly up and pamper you. Wow, we have a VHS video of all of this. Let’s see what happen. There you are meeting all of those people. Sri Nithyananda, you sure look worried... you’re barking out orders to all those people... “Call your Congress Representative!” “Contact your Assembly person!” “Your Senator! Call her!”... and so on. Wow, Sri Nithyananda, you look like one of those people in the disaster movie that crawls over everyone to be the first out of the sinking ship or something. Sri Nithyananda, do you know how to swim? I didn’t think so. Except in bed, of course. Why you, Sri Nithyananda, were so desperate, you even asked white people to help you. Man, that must have been an all time spiritual low.

Ah, Sri Nithyananda, you’re coming to. Don’t worry, after all that begging, Divinity decided that you were now qualified for a religious visa. You were able to return to your ashram and go on with all your big, big, big plans. And, everyone lived happily ever after. Well, not really. But, you promise a make-believe-world, so it's OK to say that.

Part 3: Swami Nithyananda's Record at Healing

Swami Nithyananda's Quackery Clone Pales to a Comparison
When we last left you in our blog post from yesterday, "Part 2: Nithyananda's Record at Healing" (recommended to read before Part), poor Swami Nithyananda almost had his five-hour lunch served by a real cute female disciple disturbed in order to answer more questions about Swami Nithyananda's healing record. Fortunately, we agreed to do the interview around five o'clock when Swami Nithyananda was finished sampling all of his tasty treats.

I enter Swami Nithyananda's personal quarters. His hair looks like he's been sleeping, but he looks, well, very drained. Wow, thanks, there, Swami Nithyananda. Rrraugghhmmm. My translator in gruntnese says that means to make it quick. Say, isn't that a pair of panties on the floor? Sri Nithyananda, were you getting in touch with your female energies or were you 'shedding' some of those female energies? Raragrruama. Oh, my Gruntanese translator tells me he's really pissed now. Better go lightly.

OK, Sri Nithyananda, since you're a healing 'enlightened' master, do you prioritize giving healing to those that ask? Swami Nithyananda, you will say, "Yes" (in that standard Gruntanese), but guess what, I will say, "Not really." Sri Nithyananda during the opening ceremony for the Vedic Temple in Montclair, so you remember how there were about six handicapped people lined up in wheel chairs, etc. waiting for your healing? And, did you attend to them? "Arghhhh", you, Sri Nithyananda, say. (That means, "of course", in Gruntanese. You know, I was beginning to wonder where Swami Nithyananda learned to talk like a nethanderal man, and then I remembered; A CLICK! It must be natural to him. He lived in a cave for nine months after claiming to be 'enlightened'.) Yes, Sri Nithyananda, I think you eventually saw those people... after making them wait hours and hours. Did you, Swami Nithyananda, do this to make them value your 'healing' session even more? Or, did you, Sri Nithyananda, so this to use them as 'marketing props', so everyone who came to the temple could see that you, Sri Nithyananda, real live handicapped people waiting to be 'healed' by you, an 'enlightened 'healing' master? Or, did you do it because you, Sri Nithyananda, know that your so-called 'healing' is a load of cow dung and that everyone will see firsthand that these people will have no change in their lives? Anyway, I hope that you, Sri Nithyananda, at least gave them a crossword puzzle or something to help them pass all that time. While I'm waiting for your answer, I think I will work on my crossword puzzle now. Sri Nithyananda, what's a nine-letter word that describes your operation? The first four letters are C-H-A-R and the last three letters are T-A-N. (Click Here to find out the answer. Come on, it's pretty good.)

And, Swami Nithyananda, what about your ashramites? Is their health pretty good? Sri Nithyananda, if they can stand and work, that doesn't mean that they are healthy. After all, you make them work! work! work! with no sleep! no sleep! no sleep! in order to build your empire in record time. Without having much sleep, are you, Sri Nithyananda, afraid that they might get sick or hurt? Oh, yes, you will take care of it. I remember that's a standard line down at the ashram. Did you take care of it after Sevakananda, Paramananda, and Bhatkananda had all those auto accidents? And, wasn't there some white guy in your ashram that worked so hard that he fell asleep at the wheel while driving a big truck on the freeway, much to the horror of his passenger from Ohio? Wow, Sri Nithyananda, I guess you're right. It would only take a miraculous 'healing' master to prevent them from having a serious or fatal accident. Just the same, I never saw a bunch of cars get dented so fast than visiting your ashram.

Now, that you, Sri Nithyananda, have taken care of that part of not having any sleep, how about the health issues of having sleep deprivations? After all, wouldn't it be nice to have healthy ashramites to represent an 'enlightened' healing master? Sri Nithyananda, you do recommend meditation and yoga? Or, at least that's a way you, Swami Nithyananda, can draw people into your organization. So with all that sattvic (pure) food, meditations, and yoga, how come a lot of your ashramites got so overweight?

Swami Nithyananda. Hello. Swami Nithyananda. Do'h! Sumadhi again. I have one last picture. Oh, Sri Nithyananda, here's a very pretty picture of an ideal disciple of yours. She obviously pays a lot of attention to where her 'inner world' meets the 'outer world', in fact, that's probably why she's a lingerie model.

Sri Nithyananda, welcome back. So, why did the ashramites get so super-sized? Oh, I remember now. They don't need to do any of that meditation and yoga stuff. They're already 'enlightened'. And, besides, you will take care of them... and doing service is much better than that beginner's stuff like meditations and yoga. So, that explains all those extra pounds. True, Swami Nithyananda, you do 'require' your ashramites to do Nithya Dhyaan, your standard meditation everyday, early in the morning... but the ashramites are never held accountable to do that... and when they just had three hours of sleep, getting up to do Nithya Dhyaan just doesn't seem that worth while when you just experienced the ecstasy of sleep deprivations. So, that's how you get all of your ashramites to have visions, just take away their sleep and then their body logic takes over their mind logic. Makes perfect sense to me. So, I'm getting an understanding, Swami Nithyananda, you let your ashramites get so overweight out of your compassion and love. For now, with your ashramites, there's definitely more to love. Crystal clear.

Then of course there is your golden boy, Swami Medhananda. Wow, Sri Nithyananda, Swami Medhananda is sure good at imitating you. Medhananda knows all of your stories and the same Osho jokes that you, Sri Nithyananda, also tell. Some think that he is the only one of your disciples, besides you, Sri Nithyananda, who is genuinely enlightened. Swami Nithyananda, do you think that instead of Sri Nithya Medhananda Swami, a better name would be Sri Nithya Mini-Meananda Swami? Maybe you can wait until his last documentation such as credit cards, driver license, passport, everything is changed over to his latest spiritual name, then you can change his name from Sri Nithya Medhananda Swami to Sri Nithya Mini-Meananda Swami? What do you think? That would be perfect in making sure that you, Sri Nithyananda, are really 'working on him'.

So, Sri Nithyananda, if Swami Medhananda is like your Mini-Me, do you think that it might be a good investment to perform some laser eye surgery so that Swami Medhananda is not wearing those thick coke-bottom-glasses? And, Sri Nithyananda, you really need to let Swami Medhananda see a doctor about his swollen feet that has that inflamed skin condition with peeling skin oozing with inflected blisters. Sri Nithyananda, I know that is probably why you require him to wear sandals and socks indoors everywhere. A lot of people think that Swami Medhananda's foot attire is part of an entitlement package of being enlightened. Yes, having Swami Medhananda wearing shoes and socks does add to both of your mystics. Brilliant idea, there, Sri Nithyananda. Swami Medhananda's footwear requirement not only keeps your reputation intact but also prevents anyone from getting the same disease that Swami Medhananda has. I guess that is called preventative healing. Good on you, Nithyananda. This way, those donations keep flowing and you do not have to spend a single dime on a doctor. That’s good business sense.

Part 2: Nithyananda's Record at Healing

Nithyananda Gets a Doctor's Note
When we last left you in our blog post from yesterday, "Part 1: Nithyananda's Record at Healing" (recommended to read first), poor Sri Nithyananda seemed to have passed out from the very thought of us posting information on how someone who has attended his programs at the Vedic Temple in Montclair, Los Angeles, or suffered from a loved one who has attended any function in the Vedic Temple in Montclair, which is close to Los Angeles...

(Please note that we purposely repeat the term Vedic Temple in Montclair / Los Angeles so that Google will nicely index the keywords "Vedic Temple Montclair Los Angeles" so that anyone who does a search for "Nithyananda Vedic Temple Los Angeles exactly in Montclair" will be able to find this post about Nithyananda and his Vedic Temple in Montclair within the greater Los Angeles region. We apologies for the repetition of using the keywords of Vedic Temple Montclair Los Angeles.)

Where were we?... oh, yes, if anyone attended a function at the Vedic Temple in Montclair that is close to Los Angeles, that person could make a legal claim against, you, Paramahamsa Nithyananda, the Vedic Temple in Montclair, which is just a few miles from Los Angeles, and his cult. (Stay tuned for a future post.)

To help Sri Nithyananda come out of his 'instant' and convenient samadhi's, I brought along some pictures of some very attractive ladies to help him regain his awareness. Let's see if this works.

Sri Nithyananda, I'm so glad that we're back together again to continue this discussion about your healing record and help to clarify it. Sri Nithyananda, are you going into samadhi already or are you just rolling your eyes? Sri Nithyananda, since you claim that you are an 'enlightened' healing master, do you ever get sick? You will say, "No." OK, I thought that is what you would say. After all, if anyone ever sees you, Sri Nithyananda, get sick, that would kind of ruin the market, kind of like being a pregnant prostitute, wouldn't it? Sri Nithyananda, you can't go into samadhi this early. We barely got started. OK, Sri Nithyananda, could you help explain the special ingredients that must help an 'enlightened' master that specifically found in Airborne®? Yes, we know that you munch on Airborne® as if it were popcorn or something. Is that why you're packing all those extra pounds? Come on, Sri Nithyananda, you have to admit that your face has grown chubbier than a chipmunk. Sri Nithyananda, where do you get your supply of Airborne®? Do you have your 'trusted' devotees bring them to you? Of course, you do. Why, we even know some of the people who supplied you all this Airborne® before you gone off on you journeys, you know when you sit in the first class cabin of some big jet, why you make your assistant, Ma Nithyananda Gopika, sit in the cattle cart section of economy coach. I'm sure the attractive flight attendants give you all the attention you need to help make it through that long, lonely journey.

Speaking of Ma Nithyananda Gopika, how's she doing, Sri Nithyananda? Does she still carry all of your oversized luggage and your big, big, big gold accessories? That's pretty heavy lifting there, Sri Nithyananda. And, Sri Nithyananda, why does your luggage sound like a pair of maracas? Oh, that's her luggage, not your luggage, Sri Nithyananda. OK, so why does Ma Nithyananda Gopika's luggage sound like a pair of maracas? Let's take a look. Oh, it is full of extra strength painkillers. Why would anyone around an 'enlightened' healing master be carrying around bottles of painkiller?

Sri Nithyananda, you're going into samadhi again. Here, look at this picture of this pretty lady. She is a traditional belly dancer. Maybe you can have her do a performance at one of your traditional functions? Oh, yes, you're right. Perhaps you, Sri Nithyananda, better have a private screening first, just to make sure of her qualifications.

OK, Sri Nithyananda, I'm glad you're out of samadhi. Now, why does your personal assistant, Ma Nithyananda Gopika carry, all those pain relief pills on her? Oh, that's right. She has severe back pain. You, know, Sri Nithyananda, you might want to give her a little attention and heal her back. That would be a nice thing to do for her, after she has done all of this work for you; you know, Sri Nithyananda, she works almost 24x7 just for you. It is only fair. And, that way, Sri Nithyananda, others won't ever question your healing abilities.

Sri Nithyananda, Ma Nithyananda's back problems are not attributed to you, are they? After all, it is a well-known fact that you do break the backs of all your ashramites. Do they ever get any rest? Do they ever stop working? Do they ever have a day off? OK, Sri Nithyananda, we'll save that one for another post.

Sri Nithyananda, back to you. Have you ever gotten visibly sick? Not at least to the point that anyone ever has noticed? OK, Sri Nithyananda, I know you will say, "No." That response was pretty easy to guess, but once again, Sri Nithyananda, you're wrong. Sri Nithyananda, do you remember your first NSP program held in Newark, close to Fremont, California in the Bay Area / San Jose region of California in 2004? Of course you do. Why Sri Nithyananda, the air circulation in that hotel, the Holiday Inn Express, was way off, and everyone got sick, except for you because you are an 'enlightened' healing master, correct? However, you did hold a little orange handkerchief, and that little orange handkerchief did some magic trick around your nose about every 30 seconds. And, Sri Nithyananda, your voice sounded pretty raspy too. Was that due to some fire ritual or was it due to yelling at the people who you were traveling with?

And, what about that time in St. Louis, 2007 to be exact? Your nose was running longer and faster than a marathon finalist during that final sprint for the finish. And, all that coughing of yours; was that your special gift to attendees? Why you, Sri Nithyananda, could market this as a special technique of 'hack' your way to 'enlightenment', but probably just being in your presence is enough. And, that handkerchief that you used that day, what did you, Sri Nithyananda, do with that? I hope you disposed of it properly. I could just imagine some deluded followers of yours proudly displaying that filthy piece of cloth in their prayer room. "Yes, you see all this snout and buggers? That's from an 'enlightened' healing master! It radiates energy.", and germs, no doubt. Sri Nithyananda, did you ever release a video about the 'truths' you revealed in St. Louis in 2007 when you were so sick? We thought you would say "no". Better to re-record those after you had some Airborne®.

Sri Nithyananda, that seems to be quite a trap you worked yourself into. Now, you can never get sick or show any one that your not feeling well, or your validity vanishes even faster than your ashramites' life savings. What if you get high blood pressure or something? I bet you have to work extra hard to hush-hush that. I bet all it will take, Sri Nithyananda, is for someone to throw a couple of banana peels your way, and then you slip right into your own trap. I hope, Sri Nithyananda, you can escape from this. Would this be a new form of 'enlightenment'?

Wait, Sri Nithyananda, there must be a way out of this trap. I know, each time you get a common cold or something, you can claim that you have taken on the karma of a severe trauma patient who happens to be related to a big donor and say that I have taken on and am burning off that poor person's karma. This way, you can still be human and get sick, and get the gratitude of some big donor who will be glad to write a big check and hope that you get even sicker next time. Why this works with just about anyone, Sri Nithyananda. I bet you, Sri Nithyananda, can say things like "You would have gotten in a terrible auto accident, but instead, I got this cold sore near my lip. It is through my grace, as an 'enlightened' master that I took this cold sore on." Wow, Sri Nithyananda, I see the checkbooks opening now! Sri Nithyananda, you could now say that you suck up other people's bad karma like a big sponge. Others might then say that you are truly a spiritual sponge.

Sri Nithyannda, do you remember shortly after you opened the Vedic Temple in Montclair and one of your followers came to you with their child who had a severe, chronic, incapacitating, debilitating illness? Sri Nithyananda, are you going into samadhi again? Listen. You did several 'healings' on this child, and at one point you boldly proclaimed that, "You are healed!" The mother of this child had so much trust in you and your healing capabilities that she took her child off the medication. Two days later, her child was in serious condition and almost rushed to the emergency room if the medicine (not your 'healing') was not resumed. Why that could have resulted in a big lawsuit and perhaps even criminal charges. Do you remember this, Sri Nithyananda? Sri Nithyananda, can you hear me? Dang. He's gone into samadhi again. Sri Nithyananda, I'm holding a picture of a very attractive lady in a nurse outfit. Boy, that hemline on her skirt seems very short for a nurse uniform; in fact, there's not much of a hemline at all. Do you think she's a real nurse just as you, Sri Nithyananda, are a real 'healer'? Ah, I knew you would come to, Sri Nithyananda.

Sri Nithyananda, what do you say when you cannot heal someone but there still alive? Yes, we already know your trick about saying that you healed their soul, but not their body, when they died. But, what if they don't die, but still not healed? Sri Nithyananda, you're going into samadhi again. Snap out of it! I'm almost out of pictures. Let me help you. One of our blog readers wrote in to tell us a story that you told in your book, "Guaranteed Solutions". You said that you went to heal the person and then this person's 'being' (I guess you mean soul) came out and talked to you. That conversation was in Tamil, even though the 'patient' never spoke Tamil before. Nandri. Vanakkam. And, according to you, that being said to you, "Hands off! I want to live a nice life being taken care of. I don't want to be healed!" Do you remember this, Sri Nithyananda?

Although I couldn't find this reference in my edition of "Guaranteed Solutions", first edition, Dec. 2005, I remember the first time that you said something like this was at the first acharya (teacher) training program in the Siddhachalam Jain Temple in New Jersey in September 2004. During the acharya training, there was a very dedicated and sincere family with an autistic child. Without mentioning their names, you, Sri Nithyananda, blurted out this 'truth'. The child's mother was very upset, naturally, and we all knew who you were talking about. Sri Nithyananda, did you really mean to pit off the parents of an autistic child versus their devotion for you? Now, families that have relatives or children that cannot be healed by you can now blame their sick loved ones for having uncooperating souls. That's quite a coup there, Sri Nithyananda. Are there other ways that you, Sri Nithyananda, go and break up families? (Hint: look for future posts.) I imagine that you need to be very careful before you play this card, because some families might even believe their loved ones more than the stories from an 'enlightened' healing master, Sri Nithyananda. At that point, these non-believers will just close their checkbooks and miss. Sri Nithyananda, that could really hurt. Neither do you get their donations and they miss your blessings. Scandalous. But, if you carefully plan and calculate the family's devotion to you, by using this tactic, you, Sri Nithyananda, go unscathed and still rack in big donations. Sri Nithyananda, you're quite a baller!

Sri Nithyananda, you say that it is lunchtime? But, we are not finished yet. Oh, I see there's a young attractive lady who has brought you your lunch. Sri Nithyananda, can we finish this conversation after you have your lunch? What? In five hours? But, it doesn't take five hours to eat lunch, does it? OK, OK, you look thoroughly not happy, Sri Nithyananda. I'll come back after five hours, but we need to get this clear so nobody will have any doubts about you, Sri Nithyananda, and your healing abilities any more.

To be continued...

Part 1: Nithyananda's Record at Healing

Nithyananda, a Well Healed Master
Paramahamsa Nithyananda, do you remember when you first came to the U.S. and you said that healing was your calling card? "Aghhhh." Nice grunt there, Sri Nithyananda. We have a translator and we understand that "Aghhhh" means "Yes" in Gruntanese. By the way, will Gruntanese be your official language when you do finally get that country you've been aiming for? Sorry, I didn't mean to side track you from your busy schedule. There's a lot potential donors in the audience and you need to work each one so they will give you the maximum. Sorry, Sri Nithyananda, this won't take very long at all.

So, Sri Nithyananda, can you tell us about your miraculous healing abilities? Does your healing energy always work? Sorry, there, Sri Nithyananda, but your wrong again. You’re a little spotty there, kind of like your healing energy. If someone comes for healing and you say in your trademark language "You will be healed.” and for some reason, that person is not healed and keels over and dies, what do you tell them, Sri Nithyananda? We want to hear. After all, your reputation and ability to score big donations and possibly a cut of someone's will is at stake. Tell us, Sri Nithyananda. We want to know. Sri Nithyananda, are you in Samadhi again? You just look very blank and expressionless. Oh, I remember what you tell these people, you, Sri Nithyananda, say "I healed the soul." Wow, that seems like a full proof alibi. That's almost as good as your ‘immaculate conception’ story (note: future blog post)... that way, you're never held responsible... and the dead person is never going to bother you... in fact you might be able to enlist them into your service of slavery with a few red chilies and camp fire ritual. Pretty cool. And, the survivors, who just might be flushed with an inheritance, (we know you give lots of attention to the rich donors... because they have more time to be confused, and you pity them, right?...) Anyway, these rich donors just might be willing to write you an even bigger check if you say the right thing... and saying that you healed their soul (after dying) is just the thing. Completely unverifiable... but if the survivors are under your sway, they will just blush thinking that they did the best thing they ever could have done in their lives is to bring their sick loved ones to be blessed with your special ‘healing’ touch right before they croaked. Ah, you're too good for us, Sri Nithyananda.

Tell, me, Sri Nithyananda, since you healed their soul, does that make you a shoe repairman? Oh, that's the wrong type of soul. This soul is as in 'soul mate', and in husband and wife. Wow, what happens when one of your soul mate devotees gets a divorced over you, say like that Sri Nithya Ajara, a.k.a. Arun Prasant? Remember, he's one of your special priests in California that not only divorced his wife because of you, but then went and womanized to make even more divorces. Is it something like the sole of the shoe doesn't fit the foot? So, all these 'souls' need refitting and you heeled, I mean healed them? Sri Nithyananda, when you say healed them, do you really mean 'heeled' them? It seems like these people got a kick from you... but when you have your own priest doing really bad things, you never even think of kicking him out of your order. Why's that? Are your womanizing priests good for business? I mean that priest will draw more willing and gullible ladies closer to your sphere and test them out for you? And, then they all become confused... so they need special guidance from an ‘enlightened’ master, and perhaps some special healing energy? Sri Nithyananda, you're such a marketing stud. If Bernie Madoff had you as a healing master, I bet he'd still be in business enjoying the good life. Don't worry, Sri Nithyananda, I'm sure you'll find some other opportunities like Mr. Madoff.

Sri Nithyananda, let's look at some of your healing record right now. Sri Nithyananda, can you heal gray hairs? Another session of Samadhi? Why look, Sri Nithyananda, two years ago, you really had a bumper crop of gray hairs? Where are all those gray hairs now? Come to think of it, in the last six years, you, Sri Nithyananda, look like you have aged even faster than your incredible banyan tree, but don't worry, Sri Nithyananda, we'll roast you about this in another post. Back to those gray hairs... can you heal them? Do they really matter? Another instant case of Samadhi! Wake up, Sri Nithyananda, and smell the instant coffee. Do you remember that you told some of your swamis to dye their hair back in 2006? I'll help you remember, you, Sri Nithyananda told Sri Nithya Bhaktananda Swami and Sri Nithya Paramananda to dye their hair. That way, they look like youthful studs, and attract the younger crowd... and those younger ladies are much more useful than those older ladies, at least that what it seems like to you, Sri Nithyananda? Now, I know you, Sri Nithyananda, are faking another round of Samadhi. But, honestly, Sri Nithyananda, all those times you gave people your darshan, I never saw any old ladies with gray hair by your side. But, Sri Nithyananda, don't you know, if you surround yourself with all these young ladies and swamis with dyed hair, you are not going to look that young any more. Why in comparison, you are looking more like Jaggi Vasudev of the Isha Foundation. Isn't that one of your rivals? Don't you want to market yourself as a distinction from him? Oh, I get it now; you want to like Osho (Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh), for Osho is definitely the model for everything about you. How silly of me to forget. Sorry, Sri Nithyananda, we’re off track again, but please no more Samadhi's.

Back to those gray hairs... so Sri Nithyananda, if you really wanted to, could you just heal your swamis' gray hair? After all, it costs a lot of money to purchase hair dye, and you don't like to have those additional expenses, do you? Oh, you said that you pity all of the people employed at Grecian Formula ® would be out of work if you healed all those gray hairs. How thoughtful of you. I guess this means that workers at Rogaine and Viagra will not be hurting any time soon either. Wow, Sri Nithyananda, you are sure thoughtful.

Sri Nithyananda, I guess you are right. Why bother to heal something when you can just get it from a bottle. After all, you don't really want to be wasting all your time with graying, balding, and impotent men. That's not what you came down to this planet to do. Healing young, attractive ladies to overcome their fears of intimacy, now that seems to be much more rewarding. Why that even sounds like one of your trademark slogans, "Just relax and surrender to me, the 'enlightened' master. I'll take care of the rest." I bet you will, Sri Nithyananda.

Sri Nithyananda, are people who are under your special healing energy going to be healed faster? That would make sense? Oh, you say "Yes". Sorry, wrong again. Sri Nithyananda, didn't one of your volunteers in 2007 hurt his arm while installing the big, big, big statues of deities in your Vedic Temple in Montclair, California? Has his arm recovered? Where did you go, Sri Nithyananda? Oh, Samadhi again. We really need to stop this instant Samadhi thing. We understand, Sri Nithyananda that after two years, this person's arm has not recovered at all. This poor guy received at least five healing treatments from you, and now, two years later, the doctors have him on physical therapy. The doctors say that he will never fully recover. Wow, your big, big, big, statues of deities sure do bring people good luck. Break a leg, kid. I’m only joking, Sri Nithyananda.

Hey, Sri Nithyananda, since this guy got hurt while at your temple, can he make a claim against your insurance? (Watch for a future post complete with forms on how to claim injuries including brainwashing that occurred at the Vedic Temple in Montclair, California for you and your loved ones.) Sri Nithyananda, I'm sure you would like to see this person get healed or at least have him shut up and not even hint that you're healing energy is useless? Is this correct?

Oh, Sri Nithyananda. Did you just pass out? Or is this a real Samadhi? Help! Help! Is there a doctor in the house? Oh, Sri Nithyananda, you look so sick and pale. We'll continue to investigate your healing energies tomorrow, when you are feeling better.

Nithyananda, Can You Repeat that 360 Vision?

Another Visionary Round Again, a 360 Repeat? Wow, That Makes Our Heads Spin!
Paramahamsa Nithyananda, do you remember your first big enlightenment experience where you could see 360 degrees when you were just the tender age of twelve? You said in your book, Glimpses of My Master Nithyananda, first 'first' edition, p. 138-9, that with your eyes closed, you could see 360 degrees in your 'vision field'? Of course you do.

Ever since that first experience, Sri Nithyananda, you claim that you can see in back of you as well as in front of you with your eyes closed (p. 140). Can you give us a presentation of this now? No, no, no, Sri Nithyananda, you don't need to do the whole satori (flash of sudden awareness) scene. We realize that you are a busy businessman with plans to build a big stadium. We know that you have no time for such matters. And, Sri Nithyananda, we definitely do not want you to spin your head 360 degrees like Linda Blair. That Linda Blair thing is way over the top, although there are some people who think this is the real you, we realize this is out of scope, and we will vouch that you, Sri Nithyananda, never claimed to be able to do that. No, Sri Nithyananda, we only want you to reenact this ‘divine’ vision of 360 degrees that you told us so much about? Can you, then, Sri Nithyananda, close your eyes and tell us what you see all around you? That's all, Sri Nithyananda.

You will say ‘No’. We accept your honesty. This is the Truth.

For the Love of Money, Nithyananda and His 24K Golden Opportunities

Golden Boy Nithyananda = King Midas 2.0, and Yes, All that Glitter is Gold, But Maybe Not So Golden
Paramahamsa Nithyananda, are you materialistic? Why how silly of me to ask. I know you will say, "No". OK, then, Sri Nithyananda, I just have a few questions to help clear things up. Why did you charge $150 for the Kalpataru program in May 2009 and just a few months later you raised the price to $250 for this one-day program? Same thing, Sri Nithyananda, with your Nithyananda Spurana Program (NSP). Why in 2004 in a hotel, you charged $250 for the two-day program. But, in 2009, you now charge $750 per person for the same program without occurring the expense of a hall rental. Why that’s a 300 percent increase. Did you, Sri Nithyananda, get just that much better? Why even Google’s stock didn’t go up that much over the past five years.

And, why do you use so much gold? Nithyananda, I see that you have gold plated your super big mala (rosary). Is it now a bling-bling? Yo! Wassup, Swamiji? And, in July 2009, did you, Nithyananda, solicited in e-mail tax deductible donations for 24K gold flowers to be placed at your feet in exchange for the donors having their names presented to you for ‘blessings’? Is that what it takes to get your blessings? What if someone couldn't afford to donate a 24K gold flower, Sri Nithyananda? Would you still bless them?

And, after declaring that you gave 'enlightenment' to 53 of your close followers, did you, Sri Nithyananda, then pat your self on the back by splurging on a gold throne that is coated in 24K gold? Did you say that you are now 'qualified' to sit on this golden throne? Sri Nithyananda, did anyone else ever sit on this throne? Oh, yes, there was that incident in 2007 where some homeless junkie wandered into your Vedic Temple in Montclair while he was as 'high as kite' and while in a stuper sat right there on your 24K golden throne. Did this druggie take a bath afterwards? Boy, Sri Nithyananda, that throne is sure heavy to carry. Good thing there’s a healing master at hand, or all of those volunteers probably would be sporting sprang backs or hernias. Did you, Sri Nithyananda, really plan to have something so high maintenance?

Another question, Sri Nithyananda. Do you have a 24K gold crown? Why yes, we have even seen you wear this 24K gold crown. Sorry to say, Sri Nithyananda, but when you wear it, you kind of look like Jughead from the Archie’s comics.

Paramahamsa Nithyananda, can you name any enlightened master that has this sort of love for gold? For the life of me, I cannot imagine Paramahamsa Ramakrishna, Shirdi Baba, Swami Vivekananda, Ramana Maharishi, anyone, who would be so bold as you, Sri Nithyananda. Please help. There have been a lot of worldly kings, nouveau riche, and drug dealers that have done this sort of conspicuous consumption. Nithyanadna, are you the newly rich king of sanyasis who just cornered the spiritual market? You know, the hybrid of a renunciate, a powerful politician, and a gangster? Oh, sorry, Sri Nithyananda, I forgot there is a spiritual side to wearing all that gold. Osho loved to wear diamonds, and you like to wear gold. I see the connection now.

And, will there be anything to help the poor, the meek, and the humble out of all of these donations, Sri Nithyananda? And, you will say “Yes, just look at my website.” Oh, I see, Sri Nithyananda. There is an image and a link that we can ‘donate’ additional money on top of all the other money donated to you in order to help those recent flood victims. But, you seem very reluctant to say how much you, personally, donated. Isn’t that kind of like if Warren Buffett giving a commitment to give something back to humanity just by promising to ‘trick or treating’ for UNICEF next year? Nithyananda, we were kind of hoping you would do a little more than provide just a link.

And, Paramahamsa Nithyananda, do you think you can make your donations and allocations a little more transparent? Didn’t you, Sri Nithyananda, once promise the Ananda Samajis (donors) who were tithing (giving ten percent) that their money would help the local Nithyananda Centers? And, what happened to that money, Nithyananda? Didn’t you divert it to your main ashram in India to help achieve your new grand priorities there, leaving your local centers high and dry? Isn’t that kind of like a shell game where we get to guess which shell still has the pea under it? Wow, Nithyananda, I see your empire is going to be big one day, just like Enron. For your next wave of ananda sevaks (fulltime volunteers) do you, Sri Nithyananda, need some more accountants and lawyers? Don’t forget the telemarketers.

And, what about all the income from your programs, Sri Nithyananda? With workshops at your Indian ashram going for $6,000 to $8,000 USD a pop, why then do you find it necessary to ask all of these new 'enlightened' graduates to tithe (give 10 percent of their gross income) to you? Just think about it, if people had modest incomes of $50,000 a year... all it would take is to get 200 of them to tithe, and you have become a millionaire each and every year. But, we know you target the super wealthy... so is your goal is to get a whole stadium full of money? Oh, what a coincidence. Nithyananda, I see you have plans to build a new stadium so you can fill it with more potential donors. Sri Nithyananda, will there will be a VIP section in your stadium, bright lights, a big throne (24K golden of course), a scoreboard, plenty of cheerleaders, and a special 'backstage' room? I knew you wouldn't disappoint us.

Nithyananda Performs a Red Hot Chili Ritual; Fire Away!

Nithyananda Likes It Hot and Spicy
Paramahamsa Nithyananda, do you ever do fire rituals? You will answer, “Of course”. Do you ever be creative with your fire rituals, and add things that are not known to be sattvic (pure)? You will say, “Of course not”. I must be new to this field, for I am not familiar with such items as red chilies, marijuana seeds, and human hair as being known as pure. In fact, in your book, “Formless in Form” on page 59, there is a picture of you dumping in 1,000’s of red chilies into the fire ritual. Here, take a look:

If this image is broken, just CLICK HERE TO VIEW the picture of Nithyananda dumping 1,000's of red chilies into the fire ritual. FYI: This image is hosted on; not on
Thanks to the Guruphiliac Lefora Forum for hosting this picture on their site.

Sri Nithyananda, what happens when you place all those chilies in the fire ritual? Is it true that some say you can capture departed souls and use them as part of your enlisted supernatural arsenal? Oh, scary. I bet you, Sri Nithyananda, could then fake it to a lot of people that you're really 'enlightened' with all of that ghastly help. Is this something akin to getting the help from a ghostwriter or maybe a ghost-teleprompter? Maybe you actually help those departed souls become ‘enlightened’ just like you do to the living souls through your hot and spicy techniques. Sri Nithyananda, was this something you learned while you were doing all of that graveyard stuff in Tarapit, Bengal with your Osho sanyasin friend, Ms. Bhairvi in the graveyard?

And, Sri Nithyananda, do you remember your first batch of your mass produced secret formulated ‘enlightenment’? Of course you do. That 'enlightenment' stunt was the best marketing technique to get lots of people to donate serious money, time, and resources. When your targeted onlookers saw all of those close followers sporting those bright saffron wrist bands, they turned green in envy. Those wrist bands must have cost less than $3.00 for the whole sheet, and look at all the money and donations that just came flooding in. Sri Nithyananda, you're a genius!

During that mass 'enlightenment' boot camp you used something that sure looked like marijuana seeds in the fire ritual. Sri Nithyananda, was this part of your unique for-medical-use-only-tantric knowledge? Not surprisingly, those participants felt very dizzy afterwards. Like, wow! That must have been the 'enlightenment'. I bet that some of them even followed the speed limit after experiencing that head rush.

And, Sri Nithyananda, did you not collect hair from each of the 25 disciples and place that into the fire ritual too? So, that means that you preformed a hair burning ritual. That must have smelt nice, Sri Nithyananda. Absolutely, a hair-raising experience... or was it Vedic Culture hairesy?

Nithyananda Fabricates an Osho Statue Story

Nithyananda's Statues of Crime; An Image of Osho
Paramahamsa Nithyananda, isn’t it true that you ordered a custom built statue of Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh (Osho) from a carver near Mahabalipuram (in Tamil Nadu) and claimed that you chiseled this by your own bare hands in a cave for the nine months as your first act of obtaining 'enlightenment'? That statement alone is very interesting. The first thing you claim to do after being 'enlightened' is to carve a granite statue of the controversial spiritual ‘leader’, Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh (Osho). Wow, I knew you would make good use of your 'enlightenment'. We were afraid you were going to blow it all on ice cream or something.

Sri Nithyananda, can you please tell us where this holy cave is located? Are there any eyewitness villager names? You said that someone would bring you food every day, so there must be someone whose name you can give us to testify that all of these stories about lonely you being in a cave for nine months are all true. We really want to believe you and these stories. Honest.

Sri Nithyananda, that statue must have been very heavy. After being chiseled, a man can barely carry it. Why you must have actually done some heavy lifting for a change.

You, Sri Nithyananda, being a renunciate can we please ask how you obtained a piece of granite that must have weighed around 100 KG? And, where did you get the tools to chisel this? Did you purchase them... with money? But, I thought you said you renounced handling money? Oh, wait, did you teleport these things? That must have been it. But, didn't you, Sri Nithyananda, say that if you teleport something that doesn't belong to you, then that's stealing? And you only had a begging bowl and the clothes on your back, and perhaps a few chisels and a mallet? But nothing more than that. So, how did you score all of this swag? Maybe this is the new 'mystery of mysteries'. Please de-mystify this for us.

And, how did you, Sri Nithyananda, carry this Osho statue with you after you moved out of the cave? Did you rent a U-Haul Truck? And, where did you store this big heavy statue? We didn't see any pictures of it in your humble first ashram at Erode on the Kaveri River. In fact, we never saw it at the Bidadi Ashram even during the beginning years. Did you, Nithyananda, leave this Osho statue at your parents' house?

Sri Nithyananda, did you have this Osho statue shipped out to your new Vedic Temple in Montclair, (Los Angeles) California in 2007 where you had it on display next to Lord Buddha and the 24 Jain enlightened ascetics called tirthankaras? Yes, that is true. Many saw it there. And, Sri Nithyananda, didn't you have a lot of granite statues just made in short order especially for this Vedic Temple? Why I bet you were negotiating with lots of carvers in order to make all of those statues in such a short time and then still be able to ship them out to your Vedic Temple in Montclair, California before the grand opening.

And, is it true, Nithyananda, that you gave this statue of Osho as your precise gift ‘enlightenment’ to a humble donor, Mr. Popat and Mrs. Kalpana Jain who are true devotees of Osho and donated over two million dollars to pay for your Vedic Temple in Los Angeles? Why, Sri Nithyananda, is this not cheating if it wasn't really you who carved that Osho statue?

Nithyananda, can you answer the questions to how you ordered this Osho statue, the location, time, and date of year? We know that you will not answer these questions. But do not fret. We have obtained the contact information of the statue carver in Mahabalipuram, Tamil Nadu who actually made that Osho statue. I'm sure you ordered this Osho statue from this carver as a 'backup' on top of the one you made, just to make sure that your carving was better. Right?

Osho (Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh) Influences on Nithyananda = Osho 2.0

Nithyananda Copies the Osho Channel
Speaking of Osho (Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh), Paramahamsa Nithyananda, do you love Osho as an influence? Your answer might be something ambiguous now that we mentioned your order-to-made gift of ‘enlightenment’. But, we know the answer is unequivocally YES. Would you, Sri Nithyananda, consider Osho, along with L. Ron Hubbard of Scientology fame, to be a custodian of Vedic Culture? You, Sri Nithyananda, seem like you just lost something. Can I help you find it?

Sri Nithyananda, do you own any Osho books? Sri Nithyananda, once again, you seem very quiet. We know that around 70 percent of your personal library consists of Osho books. In fact, you had your indentured laborers drive to the Osho Book Distribution Center in Marin County, California just to pick up books that you had to get now. (Yes, a busy man like you, Sri Nithyananda, shouldn't have to wait for mail orders.) If the need should ever arise, we are able to reproduce some of those demanding emails like the one that requested to get 70 Osho books in Portuguese.

Just for fun, Sri Nithyananda, do you ever copy any of Osho's jokes? Sri Nithyananda, why do you look so serious? Why your jokes seem to be awfully similar to the same jokes Osho compiled in his book ‘Take It Really Seriously”. And, your lecturers. Many people commented that some of them were exact duplicates of Osho. In fact, your Shiva Sutras almost seemed like a verbatim of Oshos's Vignan Bhairava Tantra. Same with your Bhagavad Gita lectures; Osho never sounded so young, fresh, and sexy. I guess ‘enlightened’ minds think a like.

And what about your logo of the paramahamsa bird in front of a tilted circle? Do you, Sri Nithyananda, remember talking about this in your book Glimpses of My Master, Nithyananda, first 'first' (original) edition December 2005 on pages 171 through 179? You, Sri Nithynanda, say, "Yes". We are glad that we agree. Yes, Sri Nithyananda, your book says it very clearly:

"Nithyananda as he terms it 'downloaded the vision of a Swan' soon after 'enlightenment'. That Swam (sic) [you meant to write Swan] is now the emblem of the mission center Dhyanapeetam.... The emblem that one sees in the Dhyanapeetam website as well as on this book and other publications as the logo, is the Swan that Nithyananda envisioned." (p. 172)

Wow, that was fascinating. And, then you spend, Sri Nithyananda, the next six pages tell us all stories about how fish see this reflection of the swan and build ashrams, construct big, big temples, teach mediation (breathing techniques for sure), etc. all just to contain the reflection of the swan's image. Why this shadows the story to your legacy. I get it now.

Sri Nithyananda, that was a lot of trouble just to get a logo. If you just needed a logo, all you needed to do was look at the back of an old Osho newsletter (then Osho was known as Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh).

In fact, Osho had a logo just like yours. Except Osho's logo had a larger goose on it, or was that still a swan? Here it is; we knew you would find it inspiring:

Although both logos are interesting, personally, I kind of like the Osho logo better. It seems a little more original and fresh.

Nithyananda, did Osho (Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh) must have made a big impression on you? You will say “No”. Wrong again. You forgot about your Osho statue, you know, the one you claimed to chisel as your first act of 'enlightenment', and other evidence. In 2004, one follower of yours from the first batch of ashramites in Bidadi confessed that you used to wear an Osho mala (rosary) complete with a picture of Osho on the pendant. Maybe it reminded you of that Rajneesh sannyasin from Osho's Ashram that you used to hang out with in the graveyard.

Sri Nithyananda, did you ever use any of Osho's meditation techniques? You will say 'no'. Wrong again. Sri Nithyananda, do you remember your first program you taught called Ananda Spurana Program (ASP) or later renamed to the Life Bliss Program? Of course you do. Not only did it have two meditations that were exactly the same meditations that Osho had in his courses, the music that accompanied them were also exactly the same. This was confirmed by two former cabinet members of Osho who used to help Osho get dressed before he went on stage who incidentally took your Life Bliss Program course in 2005. In this way, Osho's Dynamic Meditation became Nithyananda's Dukkhaharana. Likewise, Osho's Nadabrahma Meditation became Nithyananda's Maha Mantra Meditation. (Incidentally, the Rishis named the original humming meditation as Nada Pranyam over 10,000 years ago.) Well, what do you think the odds of such an original program from a Living Master like Sri Nithyananda having the same stuff that Osho had? Amazing. It was like Déjà Vue all over again. Yes, Sri Nithyananda, you later slightly modified your meditations and re-recorded the music. I’m sure no one will really notice the similarities now.

Mr. Nithyananda, didn’t you almost hire Osho spiritual advisor in 2007, so that you could create a university? But, then again, you were able to obtain the Hindu University of America in Florida, so then his services were not really needed. But, it is the thought that counts.

And, didn’t you Nithyanada keep a big giant oversized coffee book about the building of Rajneeshpuram (Osho’s ashram in Oregon, USA) you, know, the one where Osho’s followers created the first act of bio-terrorism in the USA in order to 'swing' an election, and oh, yes, a really big parking lot for all the Rolls Royce's Osho collected? You will say ‘No’, but all of the ashramites in L.A. will remember that book, especially Nithyananda Dheera who you assigned to build a huge ashram like Rajneeshpuram. In fact, you assigned several books as ‘required’ reading from Osho. These included books like ‘Diamond Days’, etc. What a coincidence, there seemed to be more books assigned as required reading of Osho than there were books that you ‘wrote’. But, then again, you never wrote and maybe never read your books, so we agree that the Osho books would have been a better choice.

And Nithyananda, were you inspired to dress up like Osho on many occasions when you were on stage? Your answer will be ‘No’. But, lucky for us, there are many videos with you wearing some colorful customs. The best ones looked like a cross between ‘Star Trek’ and ‘Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band’. Sri Nithyananda, you are definitely one cool dude. No wonder all the ladies like you.

Nithyananda's Credits Scientology to 'Vedic Culture'

Nithyananda's Science of Co-opting Scientology as 'Vedic Culture'; Tom Cruise, Please Come to Our Vedic Temple
Sri Nithyananda, besides Osho, do you have any other influences that you would like to admit to? Perhaps Scientology? You will answer ‘No’, because that would go against the impression you have cultivated, that is that you are the keeper of Vedic culture and traditions. All that hard work might be tarnished if you list Scientology as an influence. After all, Scientology is seen by many as a cult that has the support of a lot of influential people in Hollywood, you know, those people in the entertainment industry that have lots of money and influence. Why these celebrities would end up doing all the marketing and bring in lots of people who are already on the verge of being brained washed due to their cult-following and love for these celebrities. That would be too much, wouldn't it, Sri Nithyananda? Especially if these celebrities brought in sweet little starlets that would be very distracting toward your goal of doing real spiritual work. Yes, Paramahamsa Nithyananda, you agree. That's nice.

But in May of 2005, did you once make acharayas (teachers)-in-training watch some videos on Dianetics and declared L. Ron Hubbard as being 'enlightened'? Did you also began to call the Vedic Sanskrit term of 'samskaras' (engraved memory) the Scientology term of 'engrams'? And, finally, didn't you, Sri Nithyananda, place some of the Scientology books written by L. Ron Hubbard, like Dianetics, on the required reading lists for acharayas? That must have been a nice break from all those other ancient books that had teachings in them that seemed to be different than the teachings of Nithyananda.

Wow, this does not make sense, unless, you, Sri Nithyananda, at the end of the day, secretly want to have all these annoying little problems that Scientology also experiences.

Nithyananda, don’t you think that Scientology has an impressive recruiting system and an endless supply of cash? Perhaps, Sri Nithyananda, you are right. Sometimes worldly trappings help make people more inclined to spiritual traps, I mean trappings. Kind of adds legitimacy, don't you think, Sri Nithyananda?