Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Nithyananda Spreads His Tantric Bliss - This is NOT Lord Shiva

Spread the Graveyard Bliss
Mr. Nithyananda, do you ever give too much energy to your disciples that it becomes harmful? You will say “No”. But, then again, you might have forgotten the story during the 2005 acharaya (teacher) training in Krishnalaya, California. During the training, there was one woman who went crazy. She began to scream, talk in tongues, talk non-sense, crawl under her bed, and became nonfunctional. You sent your right-hand-man, Bhaktananada to deal with this problem. Later, the husband of this lady who went crazy came to the retreat and brought her back to her home. The official line was “She could not handle Swami’s energy.” So, maybe the problem was with her and that she was too weak to receive this energy? Did something move inside her? I guess it didn’t matter because everyone else was experiencing lots of bliss, deep in La La Land, was sleep-deprived, too busy, etc. and all of the other participants knew that your energy was good, so this would eventually help her. So, she really wasn’t a casualty. Is this correct?

Nithyananda, can you honestly admit that only tantric, dark arts, ghosts practitioners only use the graveyard as a holy place? I imagine that you will be silent. That is golden. Some deluded people might think (but, sorry, deluded people cannot think; my fault) that Lord Shiva only resides in the graveyard. But this is NOT true. Lord Shiva resides in his abode in Mount Kailash, in the Tibet portion of the Himalayas. True, Lord Shiva is everywhere and in everything. Lord Shiva is even in Nithyananda’s ashram, (but I believe he holds his nose whenever he is there.)

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