Wednesday, November 25, 2009

pt 2, Nithyananda's Conditional & Hierarchical Love: Nithyananda's Ashramites & Inner-circle of Nithyananda

Feel the Pecking Order of Nithyananda's Conditional Love
To the dear ashramites and inner-circle of Nithyananda,

Do you love everyone equally?

Your answer is “Yes”. But, wrong again. Then why do you identify yourselves as ‘us’ and ‘them’ or those who ‘are with your swami’ or ‘those who are against your swami’ or ‘those that wear the mala’ and ‘those that do not wear the mala’ or ‘those that “got it”’ or ‘those who missed’. Isn’t that group mentality... or brainwashed mentality?

Even within your group, which has cult mentality, you classify yourselves as being ‘senior’ devotees, ‘close-to-swami’ devotees, and ‘enlightened’ devotees. You treat yourselves differently based on this hierarchy criterion. An observer might note that Nithyananda's Order is really a pecking order based on hierarchy, seniority, proximity, and money.

Are you lying to yourselves? Are you living a lie? Why does your inner-conscious not support and approve your decisions to be part of this group? Why is your inner-conscious in conflict with your decisions and choices you are making to support this group? Is this ‘swami working on you’ and ‘swami churning you’? Or, is this allusion self-doubt?

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