Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Nithyananda, Can You Repeat that 360 Vision?

Another Visionary Round Again, a 360 Repeat? Wow, That Makes Our Heads Spin!
Paramahamsa Nithyananda, do you remember your first big enlightenment experience where you could see 360 degrees when you were just the tender age of twelve? You said in your book, Glimpses of My Master Nithyananda, first 'first' edition, p. 138-9, that with your eyes closed, you could see 360 degrees in your 'vision field'? Of course you do.

Ever since that first experience, Sri Nithyananda, you claim that you can see in back of you as well as in front of you with your eyes closed (p. 140). Can you give us a presentation of this now? No, no, no, Sri Nithyananda, you don't need to do the whole satori (flash of sudden awareness) scene. We realize that you are a busy businessman with plans to build a big stadium. We know that you have no time for such matters. And, Sri Nithyananda, we definitely do not want you to spin your head 360 degrees like Linda Blair. That Linda Blair thing is way over the top, although there are some people who think this is the real you, we realize this is out of scope, and we will vouch that you, Sri Nithyananda, never claimed to be able to do that. No, Sri Nithyananda, we only want you to reenact this ‘divine’ vision of 360 degrees that you told us so much about? Can you, then, Sri Nithyananda, close your eyes and tell us what you see all around you? That's all, Sri Nithyananda.

You will say ‘No’. We accept your honesty. This is the Truth.

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