Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Nithyananda's Parallel Universe is Ignorant, Therefore Not Bliss

The Bloggers of La-La Land Evade Our Five Questions
Hi there Paramahamasa Nithyananda. I see that your Parallel Universe of fantasy blogging continues to ignore reality with your latest post title "Ignorance is Not Bliss". We just wanted to have our five very simple questions about your life story answered that should be so easy for someone like you to answer in less than three minutes. [new to this blog?, please see post "Do the Math - Nithyananda's Enlightenment Timeline Doesn't Add Up"] But, oh, did you do this? "I don't know what those bloggers did." Nice try there, Sri Nithyananda. We know that nothing happens unless you give the orders directly from you to do so including filing false allegations accusing others of crimes they never did. Did you know, Sri Nithyananda, that if called to court, your little prank could earn your programmed liars many years in a federal prison? I'm sure you would make time in your busy schedule to come and visit them, because you have so much compassion. Perhaps the Anna Datta (head chef) is perfecting the art of cooking files into cakes right now.

Anyway, we really are not interested in your worthless threats. We are interested in our five questions:

1. What was the exact day, time, and year you, Sri Nithyananda, were born?
2. When did you finish your public education, e.g. Senior Secondary School (i.w. high school), Standards IX to XII? What year, what grade level, and how old were you?
3. What years (from when to when) did you attend the three-year polytechnic in Engineering? Did you graduate?
4. When did you leave home to start your nine-years of wandering? How old were you and what year was that?
5. Where (exact place) did you reach your final stage of enlightenment that you claimed happened on January 1, 2000?

Sorry for all of the repetition. Sometimes it takes several times before those who reside in the parallel universe of La-La Land can begin to see reality. There is hope though, if they stand on their heads and talk backwards, there's a chance that Truths can begin to seek in. That might be too much to ask for. Oh, by the way, our readers to have some additional questions asked. You will probably ignore these too, because they might upset your La-La Land tranquility. But, there just might be the chance that you're standing on your head now, so here's our reader's choice:

* How much money was colleted and what are the plans for the Shiva Lingas that were to be placed around your Vedic Temple in Montclair?

And, from Canada, we have some specific questions about stuff you, Sri Nithyananda, promised, collected, and never delivered:

1. Why money is collected in name of programmes called Nithyananda Youth Foundation when there is no such charitable organisation in Canada?
2. What is the a/c number and in which bank they have openend a/c for temple project?
3. What is the amount collected?
4. What is the blue print of the temple?
5. Where is the land in which temple is being built?

You see, Sri Nithyananda, the problem is this. If you're going to take the strategy of hiding behind Vedic Culture and build big, beautiful temples, with big, big, big deities, that's fine. And, if people can see you do that, it will be easier to cheat them, because they think you, Sri Nithyananda, are some big Holy man who would never do anything bad at all. But, your strategy can also backfires when you don't fulfill all of your promises or any of your promises at all. You see, these people believe in God much more than they believe in a con artist. And, when they feel that you cheated them via God or cheated God directly via them, wow, Sri Nithyananda, you might not get any Divali cards from them next year.

So, Sri Nithyananda, we know that you most likely hijacked all of their money and funneled it back to your ashram in India where you started all those big infrastructure projects like that big stadium. But, we thought we should ask you the readers' questions, just in case you were standing on your head.

For our Canadian readers, do not be discouraged. Luckily, you live in a free society that will not believe all the propaganda that Sri Nithyananda is 'enlightened' and that his word is divine. They will ask for proof, and if he fails, then Sri Nithyananda will be stuck in the center of trouble bubble. A good place to start asking the Canadian Government is the Canadian Revenue Agency. Here's the contact information for Toronto:

Ontario Region Informant Leads Centre

Tel.: 905-984-4830
Tel.: 1-866-809-6841 (toll free)
Fax: 905-984-4829

Ontario Region Informant Leads Centre
St. Catharines Tax Services Office
32 Church Street
Post Office Box 3038
St. Catharines ON L2R 3B9

Don't worry. We'll dedicate a whole post with resources on how to file complaints in Canada.

Even though Sri Nithyananda's bloggers missed a chance to answer our five easy questions, and therefore, make themselves look like they are trying to cover something up that you, Sri Nithyananda, dug yourself into. (For those of you new to these posts, read: Do the Math - Nithyananda's Enlightenment Timeline Doesn't Add Up and then our new readers will know why we want these five questions asked.)

OK, we'll answer your post, Sri Nithyananda, this time. But you need to answer our five questions next time.

Let's see, on your post, 'IGNORANCE IS NOT BLISS' (love those CAPS). Yes, Sri Nithyanada, we agree with you. Keeping people ignorant about all the money you collected and not letting them know what happpened is neither blissful to the people you cheated or is it blissful to you, and perhaps it isn't even blissful to the IRS or Canadian Revenue Agency. Your blogger accuses us of filtering everything out. We post most of what we receive. If we don't agree, we usually have our rebuttal ready and then we post both together. Seeing how you have not posted a single comment, let me repeat, you have posted ZERO (0) comments, we're a bit surprised that your blogger could even mention this point. But, then again, when someone thinks that they are 'enlightened' and is following the orders of a self-proclaimed god, they are set up for all kinds of distortions.

Let's take a look at your blogger's post. Hmmm, we see that there is anger, issues, and dirty words. Yes, we heard this before from your blogger. More of the same. We get the ancient customs of dharma (righteousness), so your attempts to divide and rule fail again. If you're really interested in a lawsuit, please call us to court, and we'll tell everything we know including names, places, and activities. This is includes what you consider the sex crimes. We'll let the court decide. We will also file charges too. So, it could be very 'enlightening' process. We are ready. Just be sure your allegations have some merit, for if we can prove your side is lying about some serious stuff, the U.S. courts will not be amused. Let's leave it at that.

We see that your blogger did address your birth date as best as he or she could, and said:

"You ask specific questions about his birthday! Who do you think you are? What time were you born? Most of us don’t have a clue. It’s hard to get these records in America and in India, well Good Luck! Such minutia is just not important in India, hence the cultural difference. How Indians perceive things are different."

More divide and rule, Sri Nithyananda. We think that you, being an 'enlightened' healing master, could come up with a better way of skirting the issue. You provide conflicting times in your books, and must have had the time for your astrological reading that you brag so much about. But, Sri Nithyananda, we know that you know, and we'll keep on asking.

Then there's more of the same about justifying your overpriced programs and that it really is a bargain since the facilities received would have cost that much in the US. So, Sri Nithyananda, are you providing these people with a nice 3/2 bungalow? Are you familiar with anything called, Purchasing Power Index (PPI)? Yes, Sri Nithyananda, it would be nice to live in India and get paid in America. We think that you must have figured out how to do that. Genius. It must be a comfy stay in the center of La-La Land.

Once again, there's more of the same about the lack of sleep. Sri Nithyananda, your blogger mentions one study that says that it is a good thing not to have not much sleep. Your blogger goes on about his or her personal life and say, and that he or she feels great with just five-hours of sleep. Fine, Sri Nithyananda. We're glad your blogger feels fine with just five-hours of sleep. Sometimes that's all we get too. Some people need more sleep than that, and they should have the opportunity to have that sleep. Your blogger mentioned that 6.5 to 7 hours-of-sleep is healthy. Yes, let them have that, nightly.

We have big problems when you, Sri Nithyananda, have your ashramites work late into the night or keep them with your long and pointless meetings and then expect them to be bathed and meditating a few hours later while you sleep-in in the mornings like a baby. Didn't you, Sri Nithyananda, once make your ashramites in India go without sleep for two weeks while you jolted to the U.S. in August 2006? Our informants told us that you, Sri Nithyananda, gave your ashramites an incredible amount of work to do, and told them they can only sleep sitting up right in their chairs or at right at their work stations, not in their bunk-beds? Wow, Sri Nithyananda, you sure do know how to get the most out of your workers. Have you ever thought about running human productivity seminars for 'enlightened' dictators?

Just so that you are aware, Sri Nithyananda, there's plenty of studies that show that less than six-hours of sleep is bad for you. Here's one done by Stanford University:

Here's what Google came up with for a search of "six hours of sleep". Just skimming the results, you will find that six hours of sleep is not enough.

Scarier yet, Wikipedia has some not-so-wholesome facts about Sleep Deprivation including death in lab animals:

Sri Nithyananda, you don't treat your ashramites like animals, do you? Are you sure you don't treat most of them like donkeys and a special few like fluffy little bunny rabbits?

The real point of mentioning the amount of sleep and lack of it is the psychological damage that sleep deprivation can cause. This is no minor point. Just look. Google has over 40,000 listings for the key words, "sleep deprivation brainwashing"

Sri Nithyananda, all this talk about sleep deprivation is getting tired. Let's just agree to disagree, and if anyone dies or becomes mentally unstable as a result of your 'meditative' sleep deprivation, you, Sri Nithyananda, are on your own. We are glad that you, Sri Nithyananda, a self-proclaimed Paramahamsa, already have a lawyer.

Sri Nithyananda, we agree with your blogger's comments about your blog:

"Nothing could be farther from the truth."

Spot on. Yes, that's life in your parallel universe. And, about that steamy topic about sex in the Ashram, (Hey, Sri Nithyananda, you can make a great TV series out of that, and once again raise some money for your charity. You do love to practice charity, right? Say, is Charity your new room service girl?) Once again, if we're called to court, under oath and penalty of perjury, we'll tell everything we seen and know with names, dates, and details. We do know that you, Sri Nithyananda, model your ashram after Osho (Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh), and we all know what he stood for. The only difference between you and him is that you layered your model with a veneer of holy dhoti cloth. But underneath it all, same thing going on.

OK, Sri Nithyananda, in your blog's next post, try to answer those five, simple chronological questions. Otherwise, we're going to have a really easy time making fun of you. Not that we have to make any effort as it is now.

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