Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Nithyananda Turns Away Those In Need Out of Greed

Nithyananda has the Compassion of a Sex-Starved Boa Constrictor
Hi there, Sri Nithyananda. We just watched some of the YouTube clips about your autobiography and wow, you sure do seem like a genuine Paramahamsa. With all those bright lights and onlookers, you just go out of your way to radiate compassion. No wonder you're so successful. Sri Nithyananda, is there a price for this success? "I make everyone pay. Is that what you mean my price?" Well, actually no, there, ah, Sri Nithyananda. That is not what we meant, but wow, that was a great self-disclosure. In fact, someone from Toronto just emailed us this story about you earlier today. Here, have a look:

On Friday, December 11, 2009 at 5:23 a.m. P.S.T. Anonymous said...
A sweet story of compassion from so called Nithyananda monks oh sorry monkeys..

During his first visit to toronto there is a family who has a small little cute boy with life threatening cancer. Volunteers in toronto tried best to accomodate them for free for kalpataru programme as they did not have any money left and belonged to poor family. They had immense faith in Masters and that turned them to put a request to nithyananda organisation. Mr Bhaktananda...famously called as " ROWDY SWAMI" denied entry and finally the family with other volunteers help had to borrow money and let the family in for just a 2 second darshan. The boy could not sit for the whole day...and what the family just asked for two second darshan for free.....But The so called compassionate monks..oh again sorry monkeys charged 200.00$ for a 2 second darshan....IS THIS COMPASSION FOR NITHYANANDA ORGANISATION. The monks including Bhaktananda are monsters who only talk about money in each meeting, they are concerned about only numbers how much people paid for programmes. Rightly They are called as "ROWDY SWAMIS".

Please stay away from this rowdy swamis.....

Well, Sri Nithyananda, what do you have to say about that? "I wasn't aware." What? You, Sri Nithyananda, were not aware? Don't you give the impression that you know everything about everyone at every single moment? That all your minions wouldn't even think about killing a spider unless they have your approval (actual story)? So, how can you say that you, Sri Nithyananda, didn't know? Don't say that it was their 'karma'; you said yourself that an 'enlightened' healing master can change someone's karma just be moving his or her foot. We agree. We seen you change someone's karma just by moving your foot. Being kicked, and by such a stinky foot as yours, is not what we consider good karma, but it does change someone's karma. But, we digress. Sri Nithyananda, somehow we are not surprised by this antic, but are still sadden. It shows that you, Sri Nithyananda, have all the compassion of a sex starved boa constrictor.

You seem to want to squeeze the last drop of money, time, or life-force from everyone. Very cold-blooded indeed. When will this nonsense stop?

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